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2021-08-02A descriptive and exploratory study of factors contributing to augmented feedback duration in professional Australian football practiceTribolet, R; Sheehan, WB; Novak, AR; Watsford, ML; Fransen, J
2021-06-28Description of collective team behaviours and team performance analysis of elite rugby competition via cooperative network analysisNovak, AR; Palmer, S; Impellizzeri, FM; Garvey, C; Fransen, J
2021-05-18An assessment of physical and spatiotemporal behaviour during different phases of match play in professional Australian football.Sheehan, W; Tribolet, R; Novak, AR; Fransen, J; Watsford, ML
2021-01-01Collective behaviour in high and low-level youth soccer teamsO’Brien-Smith, J; Fransen, J; Sheehan, WB; Lenoir, M; Bennett, K; Smith, MR
2021-01-01How does practice change across the season? A descriptive study of the training structures and practice activities implemented by a professional Australian football teamTribolet, R; Sheehan, WB; Novak, AR; Watsford, ML; Fransen, J
2020-12-21The effect of stroboscopic vision on performance in a football specific assessmentBeavan, A; Hanke, L; Spielmann, J; Skorski, S; Mayer, J; Meyer, T; Fransen, J
2020-07-25A Longitudinal Analysis of the Executive Functions in High-Level Soccer Players.Beavan, A; Chin, V; Ryan, LM; Spielmann, J; Mayer, J; Skorski, S; Meyer, T; Fransen, J
2020-04-01Understanding the influence of a cognitively demanding task on motor response times and subjective mental fatigue/boredomThompson, C; Fransen, J; Beavan, A; Skorski, S; Coutts, A; Meyer, T
2020-02-06Improving the interpretation of skill indicators in professional Australian Football.Sheehan, WB; Tribolet, R; Watsford, ML; Novak, AR; Rennie, M; Fransen, J
2020-01-02Same or different? A comparison of anthropometry, physical fitness and perceptual motor characteristics in male and female youth soccer playersO’Brien-Smith, J; Bennett, KJM; Fransen, J; Smith, MR
2020-01-01Simplifying the complexity of assessing physical performance in professional Australian footballSheehan, WB; Tribolet, R; Spurrs, R; Fransen, J; Novak, AR; Watsford, ML
2020Using cooperative networks to analyse behaviour in professional Australian Football.Sheehan, WB; Tribolet, R; Watsford, ML; Novak, AR; Rennie, MJ; Fransen, J
2019-11-17Factors affecting sports involvement in a school-based youth cohort: Implications for long-term athletic developmentLovell, TWJ; Fransen, J; Bocking, CJ; Coutts, AJ
2019-10-02Situational factors affecting rugby sevens match performanceHenderson, MJ; Fransen, J; McGrath, JJ; Harries, SK; Poulos, N; Coutts, AJ
2019-10-01Biological maturation and match running performance: A national football (soccer) federation perspectiveLovell, R; Fransen, J; Ryan, R; Massard, T; Cross, R; Eggers, T; Duffield, R
2019-09-01The use of the Körperkoordinationstest für Kinder in the talent pathway in youth athletes: A systematic reviewO'Brien-Smith, J; Tribolet, R; Smith, MR; Bennett, KJM; Fransen, J; Pion, J; Lenoir, M
2019-07-03The Footbonaut as a new football-specific skills test: reproducibility and age-related differences in highly trained youth playersBeavan, A; Fransen, J; Spielmann, J; Mayer, J; Skorski, S; Meyer, T
2019-06-01From entry to elite: The relative age effect in the Australian football talent pathwayTribolet, R; Watsford, ML; Coutts, AJ; Smith, C; Fransen, J
2019-06-01Assessing the validity of a video-based decision-making assessment for talent identification in youth soccerBennett, KJM; Novak, AR; Pluss, MA; Coutts, AJ; Fransen, J
2019-04-03Forecasting the development of explosive leg power in youth soccer playersBennett, N; Woodcock, S; Pluss, MA; Bennett, KJM; Deprez, D; Vaeyens, R; Lenoir, M; Fransen, J