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2023-12Is self-advocacy universally achievable for patients? The experiences of Australian women with cardiac disease in pregnancy and postpartum.Hutchens, J; Frawley, J; Sullivan, EA
2023-02-09Pregnancy associated cancer, timing of birth and clinical decision making-a NSW data linkage study.Safi, N; Li, Z; Anazodo, A; Remond, M; Hayen, A; Currow, D; Roder, D; Hamad, N; Nicholl, M; Gordon, A; Frawley, J; Fotheringham, P; Sullivan, E
2022-11-09Incidence and predictors of mortality among adolescents on antiretroviral therapy in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort analysis.Leshargie, CT; Demant, D; Burrowes, S; Frawley, J
2022-10-28Quality of life and mental health of women who had cardiac disease in pregnancy and postpartum.Hutchens, J; Frawley, J; Sullivan, EA
2022-08Respiratory pandemics, urban planning and design: A multidisciplinary rapid review of the literature.Harris, P; Harris-Roxas, B; Prior, J; Morrison, N; McIntyre, E; Frawley, J; Adams, J; Bevan, W; Haigh, F; Freeman, E; Hua, M; Pry, J; Mazumdar, S; Cave, B; Viliani, F; Kwan, B
2022-08The healthcare experiences of women with cardiac disease in pregnancy and postpartum: A qualitative study.Hutchens, J; Frawley, J; Sullivan, EA
2022-05-02Cardiac disease in pregnancy and the first year postpartum: a story of mental health, identity and connection.Hutchens, J; Frawley, J; Sullivan, EA
2022-03-09What is the healthcare utilisation and out-of-pocket expenditure associated with osteoarthritis? A cross-sectional study.Sibbritt, D; Sundberg, T; Ward, L; Broom, A; Frawley, J; Bayes, J; Adams, J
2022The proportion of loss to follow-up from antiretroviral therapy (ART) and its association with age among adolescents living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Leshargie, CT; Demant, D; Burrowes, S; Frawley, J
2021-12Parents’ use of social media as a health information source for their children: A scoping reviewFrey, EFJ; Bonfiglioli, C; Brunner, M; Frawley, J
2021-11-25The Spectrum, Severity and Outcomes of Rheumatic Mitral Valve Disease in Pregnant Women in Australia and New Zealand.Rémond, MGW; Li, Z; Vaughan, G; Frawley, J; Peek, MJ; Carapetis, JR; Remenyi, B; Parsonage, W; McLintock, C; Sullivan, EA
2021-08-02The Characteristics of Women Aged 59-64 Years Who Consult Health Care Practitioners for Back Pain from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (ALSWH)Maddela, P; Frawley, J; Sibbritt, D
2021-06-16Communicating with patients and the public about COVID‐19 vaccine safety: recommendations from the Collaboration on Social Science and ImmunisationLeask, J; Carlson, SJ; Attwell, K; Clark, KK; Kaufman, J; Hughes, C; Frawley, J; Cashman, P; Seal, H; Wiley, K; Bolsewicz, K; Steffens, M; Danchin, MH
2021-05-25Self-management: diabetes care is getting social.Frey, E; Bonfiglioli, C; Frawley, J
2021-01-01“I just looked at the answers”: How the voluntary use of online quizzes impacts performance in introductory accounting.Wight, R; Wakefield, J; Wells, P; Frawley, J
2020-12A critical review of self-care for sleep disturbances: prevalence, profile, motivation, perceived effectiveness and medical provider communicationMeredith, S; Frawley, J; Sibbritt, D; Adams, J
2020-06Risk Factors for Developing Comorbid Sleeping Problems: Results of a Survey of 1,925 Women Over 50 With a Chronic Health Condition.Meredith, S; Frawley, J; Sibbritt, D; Adams, J
2020-03-18The health care utilization and out-of-pocket expenditure associated with asthma amongst a sample of Australian women aged over 45 years: analysis from the '45 and up' study.Adams, J; Steel, A; Frawley, J; Leach, M; McIntyre, E; Broom, A; Sibbritt, D
2020-03-04Providing maternity care from outside the system: perspectives of complementary medicine practitioners.Steel, A; Diezel, H; Frawley, J; Wardle, J; Adams, J
2020-01-01Is Depression Associated with Unhealthy Behaviors among Middle-Aged and Older Women with Hypertension or Heart Disease?Cramer, H; Lauche, R; Adams, J; Frawley, J; Broom, A; Sibbritt, D