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2022-01-01“This is how I want us to think”: Introducing a design thinking activity into the practice of a sport organisationJoachim, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schlenker, K; Frawley, S; Cohen, A
2021“No Idea is a Bad Idea”: Exploring the Nature of Design Thinking Alignment in an Australian Sport OrganizationJoachim, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schlenker, K; Frawley, S; Cohen, A
2020Everyday Things Change: Australian Athlete Communication During the Coronavirus LockdownWhales, L; Frawley, S; Cohen, A; Nikolova, N
2020Women and Leadership Development in Australian Sport OrganizationsBanu-Lawrence, M; Frawley, S; Hoeber, L
2019-12-01Exploring Sport and Intergroup Relations in Fiji: Guidance for Researchers Undertaking Short-Term EthnographySugden, JT; Adair, D; Schulenkorf, N; Frawley, S
2019-04-25Global sport leadershipFrawley, S; Misener, L; Lock, D; Schulenkorf, N
2019-01-10Sport participation, international sports events and the ‘trickle-down effect’Veal, AJ; Toohey, K; Frawley, S
2019-01-01Responses to multi-level institutional complexity in a national sport federationPedras, L; Taylor, T; Frawley, S
2019-01-01Design thinking and sport for development: enhancing organizational innovationJoachim, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schlenker, K; Frawley, S
2019-01-01The role of sport in reflecting and shaping group dynamics: The “intergroup relations continuum” and its application to Fijian rugby and soccerSugden, JT; Schulenkorf, N; Adair, D; Frawley, S
2018-07-01Are sport consumers unique? Consumer behavior within crowded sport marketsFujak, H; Frawley, S; McDonald, H; Bush, S
2018-03-01Experience-based leadership development and professional sport organizationsFrawley, S; Favaloro, D; Schulenkorf, N
2017-11-01The Effect of Competition Expansion on the Volume and Distribution of Travel for Super Rugby TeamsBond, D; Frawley, S; Duffield, R
2017-08-01Quantifying the value of sport broadcast rightsFujak, H; Frawley, S; Bush, S
2017-08-01Quantifying the value of sport broadcast rightsFujak, H; Frawley, S; Bush, S
2017-03-04CSR in professional sport: an examination of community modelsCobourn, S; Frawley, S
2017-01-01Leading the team: The role of the chef de mission at the paralympic gamesPeters, D; Frawley, S; Favaloro, D
2017-01-01The paralympic games: Managerial and strategic directionsDarcy, S; Frawley, S; Adair, D
2017-01-01Current trends and future research challenges in global sport managementSchulenkorf, N; Frawley, S
2017-01-01Sport participation legacy and the olympic games: The case of sydney 2000, london 2012, and rio 2016Reis, AC; Frawley, S; Hodgetts, D; Thomson, A; Hughes, K