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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Quantifying the value of sport broadcast rightsFujak, H; Frawley, SM
2015CSR and Mega-Events: Sponsorship Compatibility and AlignmentMorgan, A; Frawley, SM; Schulenkorf, N
2015Evaluating Broadcast Strategy: the Case of Australian FootballFujak, H; Frawley, SM
2014Evaluating Broadcast Strategy within Australian FootballFrawley, SM
2014Managing the World Cup: Future ResearchFrawley, SM; Adair, D; Frawley, S; Adair, D
2014The Relationship between Team Identification and Organisational Identification: The Case of the Australian Rugby UnionFrawley, SM
2013-01The Barassi Line: Quantifying Australia's GreatFujak, H; Frawley, SM
2013-01Managing Sport Participation Legacy at the Olympic GamesFrawley, SM; Toohey, KM; Veal, AJ; Stephen Frawley
2013-01Managing the Games: Prospects for the FutureAdair, D; Frawley, SM; Stephen Frawley
2011-01Sponsorship legacy and the hosting of an Olympic Games: The case of Sydney 2000Morgan, AA; Frawley, SM
2009-01Major sport events and participation legacy: The case of the 2003 IRB Rugby World Cup and Australia's qualification for the 2006 FIFA Football World CupFrawley, SM; Van Den Hoven, P; Cush, A; Allen, J
2009-01The Olympic Games and sponsorship legacy: The case of Sydney 2000Morgan, AA; Frawley, SM; Allen, J
2005-01Shaping sport competition: The SOCOG Sports Commission and the planning and delivery of sport at the Sydney 2000 Olympic gamesFrawley, SM; Toohey, KM; Adair, D; Coe, B; Guoth, N