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Mar-2018Nursing and midwifery use, perceptions and barriers to evidence-based practice: a cross-sectional survey.Fry, M; Attawet, J
Jan-2018Can an observational pain assessment tool improve time to analgesia for cognitively impaired older persons? A cluster randomised controlled trial.Fry, M; Chenoweth, L; Arendts, G
1-Dec-2017User compliance with documenting on a track and trigger-based observation and response chart: a two-phase multi-site audit study.Elliott, D; Allen, E; McKinley, S; Perry, L; Duffield, CM; Fry, M; Gallagher, R; Iedema, R; Roche, M
Nov-2017Emergency department presentations by older people for mental health or drug and alcohol conditions: A multicentre retrospective audit.Fry, M; Kay, S; Elliott, RM
Nov-2017The impact of evidence-based sepsis guidelines on emergency department clinical practice: a pre-post medical record audit.Romero, B; Fry, M; Roche, M
13-Oct-2017Emergency department utilisation among older people with acute and/or chronic conditions: A multi-centre retrospective study.Fry, M; Fitzpatrick, L; Considine, J; Shaban, RZ; Curtis, K
Aug-2017Exploring how nurses assess, monitor and manage acute pain for adult critically ill patients in the emergency department: protocol for a mixed methods study.Varndell, W; Fry, M; Elliott, D
Jun-2017Workforce flexibility - in defence of professional healthcare work.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
31-May-2017Team structure, skill mix and clinical outcomes.Merrick, E; Fry, M; Busby Grant, J
May-2017Emergency nurses' evaluation of observational pain assessment tools for older people with cognitive impairment.Fry, M; Arendts, G; Chenoweth, L
May-2017Evidence based emergency nursing: Designing a research question and searching the literature.Considine, J; Shaban, RZ; Fry, M; Curtis, K
Mar-2017Translating research findings to clinical nursing practice.Curtis, K; Fry, M; Shaban, RZ; Considine, J
Feb-2017Case study and case-based research in emergency nursing and care: Theoretical foundations and practical application in paramedic pre-hospital clinical judgment and decision-making of patients with mental illness.Shaban, RZ; Considine, J; Fry, M; Curtis, K
Feb-2017Using observation to collect data in emergency research.Fry, M; Curtis, K; Considine, J; Shaban, RZ
Feb-2017The utilisation of one district hospital emergency department by people with Parkinson's disease.Harris, M; Fry, M
2017A systematic review of observational pain assessment instruments for use with nonverbal intubated critically ill adult patients in the emergency department: an assessment of their suitability and psychometric properties.Varndell, W; Fry, M; Elliott, D
Feb-2016Utility of peripheral intravenous cannulae inserted in one tertiary referral emergency department: A medical record audit.Fry, M; Romero, B; Berry, A
Jan-2016Assessment and management of acute pain in the older person with cognitive impairment: A qualitative study.Fry, M; Chenoweth, L; Arendts, G
Jan-2016A cross-sectional study of the clinical characteristics of cancer patients presenting to one tertiary referral emergency departmentOatley, M; Fry, M; Mullen, L
2016A prospective comparison of the AUSDRISK and HbA1c for persons with spinal cord injuryJanning, W; Fry, M; Gallagher, R