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2023-09Estimating the time of human decomposition based on skeletal muscle biopsy samples utilizing an untargeted LC-MS/MS-based proteomics approach.Brockbals, L; Garrett-Rickman, S; Fu, S; Ueland, M; McNevin, D; Padula, MP
2023-04-013-Methoxytyrosine as an indicator of dopaminergic manipulation in equine plasma.Keen, B; Cawley, A; Reedy, B; Noble, G; Loy, J; Fu, S
2023-04HPLC-MS/MS determination and the postmortem distribution or postmortem redistribution of paraquat and its metabolites in four fatal intoxication cases.Ma, H; Hu, M; Zhang, C; Jia, J; Fu, S; Wei, Z; Yun, K
2023-03Field-dependent deep learning enables high-throughput whole-cell 3D super-resolution imaging.Fu, S; Shi, W; Luo, T; He, Y; Zhou, L; Yang, J; Yang, Z; Liu, J; Liu, X; Guo, Z; Yang, C; Liu, C; Huang, Z-L; Ries, J; Zhang, M; Xi, P; Jin, D; Li, Y
2023-03Simulating dynamic interaction between diazepam and ethanol targeting the GABAA receptor via in silico model.Wang, L; Wang, R; Zheng, Q; Yao, X; Zhang, C; Fu, S; Wei, Z; Yun, K; Guo, Z
2023-01-01New Psychoactive SubstancesAlonzo, M; Fu, S; Houck, MM
2023-01-01HallucinogensAlonzo, M; Fu, S; Houck, MM
2023-01-01CocaineAlonzo, M; Fu, S; Houck, MM
2022-12-30Towards Non-Targeted Screening of Lipid Biomarkers for Improved Equine Anti-Doping.Tou, K; Cawley, A; Bowen, C; Bishop, DP; Fu, S
2022-11Portable testing techniques for the analysis of drug materialsAlonzo, M; Alder, R; Clancy, L; Fu, S
2022-10-01Rat-modelled Distribution of Methcathinone and Its MetabolitesYang, X; Wang, X; He, Q; Yu, W; Wang, L; Zhang, C; Wang, T; Fu, S; Yun, K; Wei, Z
2022-09Complementary biomarker detection for bisphosphonate use in racehorsesTou, K; Cawley, A; Bishop, D; Bowen, C; Noble, G; Fu, S
2022-09A statistical focus on doping using a metabolomics approachKeen, B; Cawley, A; Reedy, B; Noble, G; Fu, S
2022-09Metabolomic analysis of equine urine to determine route of altrenogest administrationElbourne, M; Fu, S; Cawley, A; Bowen, C; Gupta, A
2022-07-01Comparison between human liver microsomes and the fungus Cunninghamella elegans for biotransformation of the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-424 having a bromo-naphthyl moiety analysed by high-resolution mass spectrometryWatanabe, S; Iwai, T; Matsushita, R; Nakanishi, T; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Fu, S; Seto, Y
2022-05Metabolomics in clinical and forensic toxicology, sports anti-doping and veterinary residues.Keen, B; Cawley, A; Reedy, B; Fu, S
2022-05Intelligence benefit of the 3-methoxytyramine to tyramine ratio in equine urine.Elbourne, M; Cawley, A; Stanley, S; Bowen, C; Fu, S
2022-05Measurements of hydrocortisone and cortisone for longitudinal profiling of equine plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.Tou, K; Cawley, A; Bowen, C; Sornalingam, K; Fu, S
2022-04Developments in high-resolution mass spectrometric analyses of new psychoactive substances.Klingberg, J; Keen, B; Cawley, A; Pasin, D; Fu, S
2022-02-01Liquid Chromatography-triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Simultaneously Detecting Paraquat and Metabolites in Biological SamplesMeng, Y; Gong, D; Li, W; Wen, Y; Fan, Z; Zhang, C; Wang, T; Fu, S; Wei, Z; Yun, K