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2019-12-01The Translation of Sport Science Research to the Field: A Current Opinion and Overview on the Perceptions of Practitioners, Researchers and CoachesFullagar, HHK; McCall, A; Impellizzeri, FM; Favero, T; Coutts, AJ
2019-11-11"How Am I Going, Coach?"-The Effect of Augmented Feedback During Small-Sided Games on Locomotor, Physiological, and Perceptual Responses.Weakley, JJS; Read, DB; Fullagar, HHK; Ramirez-Lopez, C; Jones, B; Cummins, C; Sampson, JA
2019-11-01Practitioner Perceptions of Evidence-Based Practice in Elite Sport in the United States of AmericaFullagar, HHK; Harper, LD; Govus, A; McCunn, R; Eisenmann, J; McCall, A
2019-10-02The relationship between objective measures of sleep and training load across different phases of the season in American collegiate football playersFullagar, HHK; Sampson, JA; Delaney, J; McKay, B; Murray, A
2019-08-01The Effects of Sleep Loss on Military Physical PerformanceGrandou, C; Wallace, L; Fullagar, HHK; Duffield, R; Burley, S
2019-04-03Factors influencing home advantage in American collegiate footballFullagar, HHK; Delaney, J; Duffield, R; Murray, A
2019-01-01Subjective wellness, acute: Chronic workloads, and injury risk in college footballSampson, JA; Murray, A; Williams, S; Sullivan, A; Fullagar, HHK
2018-12-01Injury risk-workload associations in NCAA American college footballSampson, JA; Murray, A; Williams, S; Halseth, T; Hanisch, J; Golden, G; Fullagar, HHK
2018-07-03Bradford Factor and seasonal injury risk in Division I-A collegiate American footballersMurray, A; Fullagar, HHK; Delaney, JA; Sampson, J
2018-04-03Professional youth football academy injury data: collection procedures, perceived value, and useMcCunn, R; Gibson, NV; Fullagar, HHK; Harper, LD
2017-11-01The influence of playing experience and position on injury risk in NCAA division i college football playersMcCunn, R; Fullagar, HHK; Williams, S; Halseth, TJ; Sampson, JA; Murray, A
2017-11-01Updated review of the applied physiology of American college football: Physical demands, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and injury characteristics of america's favorite gameFullagar, HHK; McCunn, R; Murray, A
2017-10-01The time course of perceptual recovery markers after match play in division I-A college American footballFullagar, HHK; Govus, A; Hanisch, J; Murray, A
2017-04-01Evidence is needed to determine if there is a better way to determine the acute:chronic workloadSampson, JA; Fullagar, HHK; Murray, A
2017-03-01The effects of menstrual cycle phase on physical performance in female soccer playersJulian, R; Hecksteden, A; Fullagar, HHK; Meyer, T
2017-03-01Individual Patterns in Blood-Borne Indicators of Fatigue - Trait or ChanceJulian, R; Meyer, T; Fullagar, HHK; Skorski, S; Pfeiffer, M; Kellmann, M; Ferrauti, A; Hecksteden, A
2016-07-17Impaired sleep and recovery after night matches in elite football playersFullagar, HHK; Skorski, S; Duffield, R; Julian, R; Bartlett, J; Meyer, T
2016-06-01Reliability and Association with Injury of Movement Screens: A Critical ReviewMcCunn, R; aus der Fünten, K; Fullagar, HHK; McKeown, I; Meyer, T
2016-02-01Time to wake up: Individualising the approach to sleep promotion interventionsFullagar, HHK; Bartlett, JD
2016-01-01Sleep, travel, and recovery responses of national footballers during and after long-haul international air travelFullagar, HHK; Duffield, R; Skorski, S; White, D; Bloomfield, J; Kölling, S; Meyer, T