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13-Dec-2017Distance function based 6DOF localization for unmanned aerial vehicles in GPS denied environmentsDissanayake, G; Furukawa, T
1-Aug-2017Team VALOR's ESCHER: A Novel Electromechanical Biped for the DARPA Robotics ChallengeKnabe, C; Griffin, R; Burton, J; Cantor-Cooke, G; Dantanarayana, L; Day, G; Ebeling-Koning, O; Hahn, E; Hopkins, M; Neal, J; Newton, J; Nogales, C; Orekhov, V; Peterson, J; Rouleau, M; Seminatore, J; Sung, Y; Webb, J; Wittenstein, N; Ziglar, J; Leonessa, A; Lattimer, B; Furukawa, T
2017Vector Distance Function Based Map Representation for Robot LocalisationArukgoda, J; Ranasinghe, R; Dantanarayana, L; Dissanayake, G; Furukawa, T; Kodagoda, S; Calleja, T; Alempijevic, A
28-Nov-2016Non-field-of-view sound source localization using diffraction and reflection signalsTakami, K; Liu, H; Furukawa, T; Kumon, M; Dissanayake, G
3-Feb-2016An extended Kalman filter for localisation in occupancy grid mapsRanasinghe, R; Furukawa, T
1-Jan-2016Non-field-of-view acoustic target estimation in complex indoor environmentFurukawa, T; Kumon, M; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2013Grid-based scan-to-map matching for accurate simultaneous localization and mapping: Theory and preliminary numerical studyRyu, K; Furukawa, T; Antol, S; Dissanayake, G
Jan-2008Belief-Driven Manipulator Visual Servoing for Less Controlled EnvironmentsWebb, SS; Furukawa, T
Jan-2006Belief Driven Manipulator Control for Integrated Searching and TrackingWebb, SS; Furukawa, T; IEEE
2005Infrared Localisation for Indoor UAVsKirchner, NG; Furukawa, T; Demidenko, SN
Jan-2004An Application of Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms in Autonomous Vehicle NavigationFurukawa, T; Dissanayake, G; Durrant-Whyte, H; Coello, CAC
2004Autonomous control of cooperative MAVs for urban search and rescueFurukawa, T; Bourgault, F; Wong, E; Kirchner, NG; Gu, Y
Jan-2003Time-Optimal Cooperation of Multiple UAVs in Real-Time SimulationGoktogan, AH; Furukawa, T; Mathews, G; Sukkarieh, S; Dissanayake, G; Vadakkepat, P; Wan, TV; Chen, TK; Poh, LA
Jan-2002Parameter identification of autonomous vehicles using multi-objective optimisationFurukawa, T; Dissanayake, G