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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2017Online recognition of actions involving objectsGharaee, Z; Gärdenfors, P; Johnsson, M
1-Jan-2017The altruistic robot: Do what i want, not just what i sayBillingsley, R; Billingsley, J; Gärdenfors, P; Peppas, P; Prade, H; Skillicorn, D; Williams, MA
22-Nov-2016Spaces in the brain: From neurons to meaningsBalkenius, C; Gärdenfors, P
1-Mar-2016Locative and Directional Prepositions in Conceptual Spaces: The Role of Polar ConvexityZwarts, J; Gärdenfors, P
1-Jan-2016Construals of meaning: The role of attention in robotic language productionMealier, AL; Gärdenfors, P; Gärdenfors, P; Dominey, PF
1-Jan-2015Knowing, Learning and Teaching - How Homo Became DocensHögberg, A; Gärdenfors, P; Larsson, L
1-Jan-2015Children, teaching and the evolution of humankindHögberg, A; Gärdenfors, P
1-Oct-2014Time, space, and events in language and cognition: A comparative viewSinha, C; Gärdenfors, P
12-Jun-2014Levels of communication and lexical semanticsGärdenfors, P
1-Jan-2014Modeling Diachronic Changes in Structuralism and in Conceptual SpacesZenker, F; Gärdenfors, P
1-Jan-2014A prototype-based resonance model of rhythm categorizationBååth, R; Lagerstedt, E; Gärdenfors, P
1-Jan-2014Representing part-whole relations in conceptual spacesRama Fiorini, S; Gärdenfors, P; Abel, M
1-Jan-2014Classical conditioning in social robotsNovianto, R; Williams, MA; Gärdenfors, P; Wightwick, G
2014Computational Complexity and Cognitive Science: How the Body and the World Help the Mind be Efficient.Gärdenfors, P; Baltag, A; Smets, S
1-Dec-2013Interpreting robot pointing behaviorWilliams, MA; Abidi, S; Gärdenfors, P; Wang, X; Kuipers, B; Johnston, B
1-Aug-2013Semantics, conceptual spaces, and the meeting of mindsWarglien, M; Gärdenfors, P
1-Jul-2013What is a domain? Dimensional structures versus meronomic relationsGärdenfors, P; Löhndorf, S
1-Apr-2013Theory change as dimensional change: Conceptual spaces applied to the dynamics of empirical theoriesGärdenfors, P; Zenker, F
1-Jan-2013Structure, similarity and spacesFiorini, SR; Abel, M; Gärdenfors, P
2013An Oscillator Model of Categorical Rhythm Perception.Bååth, R; Lagerstedt, E; Gärdenfors, P; Knauff, M; Pauen, M; Sebanz, N; Wachsmuth, I