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14-Jun-2016Predictors of warfarin non-adherence in younger adults after valve replacement surgery in the South Pacific.Thomson Mangnall, LJ; Sibbritt, DW; Al-Sheyab, N; Gallagher, RD
1-Dec-2014Health-related quality of life of patients after mechanical valve replacement surgery for rheumatic heart disease in a developing countryThomson Mangnall, LJ; Sibbritt, DW; Fry, M; Windus, M; Gallagher, RD
Jan-2014What matters most? Students' rankings of simulation components that contribute to clinical judgmentKelly, MA; Hager, P; Gallagher, RD
Jan-2014Nurses' experiences and expectations of family and carers of older patients in the emergency departmentFry, M; Gallagher, RD; Chenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J
Jan-2014Emergency nurses perceptions and experiences of providing care for older peopleGallagher, RD; Fry, M; Chenoweth, L; Gallagher, P; Stein-Parbury, J
May-2013Measuring patient dependency - Performance of the Jones Dependency Tool in an Australian emergency departmentVarndell, W; MacGregor, C; Gallagher, RD; Fry, M
Jan-2013Cigarette smoking in adolescents with asthma in Jordan: Impact of peer-led education in high schoolsAl-Sheyab, N; Gallagher, RD; Gallagher, P; Shah, S
Jan-2013Evaluation of a brief educational intervention to improve knowledge of sublingual nitroglycerin in cardiac rehabilitation patientsGallagher, RD; Belshaw, J; Kirkness, A; warrington, D; Sadler, L; Roach, K
Jan-2013A Pre-test Post-test Study Of A Brief Educational Intervention Demonstrates Improved Knowledge Of Potential Acute Myocardial Infarction Symptoms And Appropriate Responses In Cardiac Rehabilitation PatientsGallagher, RD; Roach, K; Belshaw, J; Kirkness, A; Sadler, L; Warrington, D
Jan-2013Multi-component weight-loss interventions for people with cardiovascular disease and/or type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic reviewGallagher, RD; Armari, E; White, HL; Hollams, D
Jan-2013Collaboration: A solution to the challenge of conducting nursing research in cardiac rehabiliationGallagher, RD; Sadler, L; Kirkness, A; Belshaw, J; Roach, K; warrington, D
Jan-2013Mild Cognitive Impairment, Screening, and Patient Perceptions in Heart Failure PatientsGallagher, RD; Sullivan, A; Burke, R; Hales, S; Gillies, G; Cameron, J; Saliba, B; Tofler, G
Jan-2013Nurses' discharge planning and risk assessment: behaviours, understanding and barriersGraham, J; Gallagher, RD; Bothe, J
Apr-2012Patient transfers in Australia: implications for nursing workload and patient outcomesBlay, N; Duffield, CM; Gallagher, RD
Jan-2012Implementing point of care blood ketone testing in the Emergency DepartmentKinsella, J; Barker, G; King, J; Webber, M; Boyd, M; ho, K; Gallagher, RD
Jan-2012Participants' perspectives of a multi-component, group-based weight loss programme supplement for cardiac rehabilitation: A qualitative studyGallagher, RD; Kirkness, A; Armari, E; Davidson, PM
Jan-2012Factors associated with good self-management in older adults with a schizophrenic disorder compared with older adults with physical illnessesStein-Parbury, J; Gallagher, RD; Chenoweth, L; Luscombe, G
Jan-2012Factors influencing self-management in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: An integrative reviewDisler, RT; Gallagher, RD; Davidson, PM
Jan-2012Symptom patterns, duration and responses in newly diagnosed patients with heart failureGallagher, RD; Sullivan, A; Hales, S; Gillies, G; Burke, R; Tofler, G
Jan-2012Feasibility of a peer-led, school-based asthma education program for adolescents in JordanGallagher, RD; sheyab, N; Roydhouse, J; Crisp, J; Shah, S