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2024-07-02When one size does not fit all: creative enablers to achieve diversity equity and inclusion in health professional educationVnuk, A; Micheal, S; Lim, L; Lim, C; Jain, N; Wong, P; Babri, S; Choi, T; Castro de Jong, D; Gallego, G
2021-10-20The future of disability research in Australia: protocol for a multi-phase research agenda-setting exercise.Smith-Merry, J; O'Donovan, M-A; Dew, A; Hemsley, B; Imms, C; Carey, G; Darcy, S; Ellem, K; Gallego, G; Gilroy, J; Guastella, A; Marella, M; McVilly, K; Plumb, J
2021-07-01Setting an agenda for disability research in Australia. Survey resultsSmith-Merry, J; Plumb, J; Gallego, G; Yen, I; Imms, C; Carey, G; O'Donovan, M-A; Dew, A; Gilroy, J; Darcy, S; Hemsley, B
2015-01-01It was serendipity: A qualitative study of academic careers in medical educationHu, WCY; Thistlethwaite, JE; Weller, J; Gallego, G; Monteith, J; Mccoll, GJ
2013-07-01Surgeon's veiws of health technology assessment in Australia: Online pilot surveyGallego, G; Van Gool, K; Casey, R; Maddern, G
2012-11-22Chemotherapy administration: Modelling the costs of alternative protocolsHaywood, P; De Raad, J; Van Gool, K; Haas, M; Gallego, G; Pearson, SA; Faedo, M; Ward, R
2012-07-01Using best-worst scaling in horizon scanning for hepatocellular carcinoma technologiesGallego, G; Bridges, JFP; Flynn, T; Blauvelt, BM; Niessen, LW
2012-05-29Breaking up is hard to do: Why disinvestment in medical technology is harder than investmentHaas, M; Hall, J; Viney, R; Gallego, G
2011-10-01Introduction and uptake of new medical technologies in the Australian health care system: A qualitative studyGallego, G; Casey, R; Norman, R; Goodall, S
2011-06-02Setting priorities for high-cost medications in public hospitals in Australia: Should the public be involved?Gallego, G; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JAE
2010-12-01Nursing takes time: Workload associated with administering Cancer Protocolsde Raad, J; van Gool, K; Haas, M; Haywood, P; Faedo, M; Gallego, G; Pearson, S; Ward, R
2009-04-01Resource allocation and health technology assessment in Australia: Views from the local levelGallego, G; Van Gool, K; Kelleher, D
2009-01Funding and access to high cost medicines in public hospitals in Australia: Decision-makers' perspectivesGallego, G; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JE
2008-01-01Decision makers' perceptions of health technology decision making and priority setting at the institutional levelGallego, G; Fowler, S; van Gool, K
2007-12-10Economic evidence at the local level: Options for making it more usefulVan Gool, K; Gallego, G; Haas, M; Viney, R; Hall, J; Ward, R
2007-11-01Priority setting for high cost medications (HCMs) in public hospitals in Australia: A case studyGallego, G; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JAE
2007-09-01Public views on priority setting for High Cost Medications in public hospitals in AustraliaGallego, G; Taylor, SJ; McNeill, P; Brien, JAE
2005-01Access to high-cost drugs: Decision makers' perspectivesGallego, G; Melocco, T; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JE
2004-01Impact of high-cost drugs for individual patient useGallego, G; Melocco, T; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JE