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2023-10-01Effect of humic substances on the anaerobic digestion of secondary sludge in wastewater treatment plants: a reviewWang, Z; Li, X; Siddiqui, MA; Liu, H; Zhou, T; Zheng, L; Huang, S; Gao, L; Lin, CSK; Wang, Q
2023-09-22Burden of Hypertensive Heart Disease and High Systolic Blood Pressure in Australia from 1990 to 2019: Results From the Global Burden of Diseases Study.Islam, SMS; Daryabeygi-Khotbehsara, R; Ghaffari, MP; Uddin, R; Gao, L; Xu, X; Siddiqui, MU; Livingstone, KM; Siopis, G; Sarrafzadegan, N; Schlaich, M; Maddison, R; Huxley, R; Schutte, AE
2023-09-01Bioproduction and applications of short-chain fatty acids from secondary sludge anaerobic fermentation: A critical reviewWang, Z; Li, X; Liu, H; Zhou, T; Qin, Z; Mou, J; Sun, J; Huang, S; Chaves, AV; Gao, L; Wang, Q
2023-08-15Climate change impacts on wastewater infrastructure: A systematic review and typological adaptation strategy.Li, J; Li, X; Liu, H; Gao, L; Wang, W; Wang, Z; Zhou, T; Wang, Q
2023-07-28Wastewater-based epidemiology predicts COVID-19-induced weekly new hospital admissions in over 150 USA counties.Li, X; Liu, H; Gao, L; Sherchan, SP; Zhou, T; Khan, SJ; van Loosdrecht, MCM; Wang, Q
2023-06-01Achieving expanded sludge treatment capacity with additional benefits for an anaerobic digester using free ammonia pretreatmentLiu, H; Li, X; Zhang, Z; Nghiem, LD; Gao, L; Batstone, DJ; Wang, Q
2023-06-01Long-term effect of free ammonia pretreatment on the semi-continuous anaerobic primary sludge digester for enhancing performance: Towards sustainable sludge treatmentLiu, H; Li, X; Zhou, T; Zhang, Z; Nghiem, LD; Gao, L; Wang, Q
2023-03-01Recent research advances in aqueous pollutants and treatment approachesGao, L; Li, X; Li, M; Zamyadi, A; Wang, Q
2023-02-08BASS: Blockchain-Based Asynchronous SignSGD for Robust Collaborative Data MiningXu, C; Qu, Y; Xiang, Y; Gao, L; Smith, D; Yu, S
2023-02-05A review on microalgae-mediated biotechnology for removing pharmaceutical contaminants in aqueous environments: Occurrence, fate, and removal mechanism.Zhou, T; Zhang, Z; Liu, H; Dong, S; Nghiem, LD; Gao, L; Chaves, AV; Zamyadi, A; Li, X; Wang, Q
2023-01-20Composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in wastewater treatment plants influent affects the efficiency of carbon and nitrogen removal.Wen, L; Yang, F; Li, X; Liu, S; Lin, Y; Hu, E; Gao, L; Li, M
2023-01-10A new view into three-dimensional excitation-emission matrix fluorescence spectroscopy for dissolved organic matter.Li, W; Li, X; Han, C; Gao, L; Wu, H; Li, M
2022-11-2824-35 GHz Filtering LNA and Filtering Switch Using Compact Mixed Magnetic-Electric Coupling Circuit in 28-nm Bulk CMOSLi, H-Y; Xu, J-X; Gao, L; Xue, Q; Zhang, XY
2022-03-18Emerging investigator series: effects of sediment particle size on the spatial distributions of contaminants and bacterial communities in the reservoir sedimentsChen, W; Wang, Y; Wang, L; Ji, Y; Wang, Q; Li, M; Gao, L
2022-03-01Properties of Noncommutative Rényi and Augustin InformationCheng, HC; Gao, L; Hsieh, MH
2022-03-01Improved stormwater management through the combination of the conventional water sensitive urban design and stormwater pipeline networkMeng, X; Li, X; Nghiem, LD; Ruiz, E; Johir, MA; Gao, L; Wang, Q
2022-01-01Highly Sensitive H<inf>2</inf>Sensors Based on Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/PEI-CNTs at Room TemperatureGao, L; Li, S; Xu, X; Zou, C; Zhang, G; Xiao, ZL
2022-01-01FedTwin: Blockchain-Enabled Adaptive Asynchronous Federated Learning for Digital Twin NetworksQu, Y; Gao, L; Xiang, Y; Shen, S; Yu, S
2022-01-01A Covert Electricity-Theft Cyber-Attack against Machine Learning-Based Detection ModelsCui, L; Guo, L; Gao, L; Cai, B; Qu, Y; Zhou, Y; Yu, S
2022-01-01Desynchronization-attack-resilient audio watermarking mechanism for stereo signals using the linear correlation between channelsZong, T; Zhao, J; Xiang, Y; Natgunanathan, I; Gao, L; Zhou, W