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2022-12-31HeAlth System StrEngThening in four sub-Saharan African countries (ASSET) to achieve high-quality, evidence-informed surgical, maternal and newborn, and primary care: protocol for pre-implementation phase studies.Seward, N; Hanlon, C; Abdella, A; Abrahams, Z; Alem, A; Araya, R; Bachmann, M; Bekele, A; Bogale, B; Brima, N; Chibanda, D; Curran, R; Davies, J; Beyene, A; Fairall, L; Farrant, L; Frissa, S; Gallagher, J; Gao, W; Gwyther, L; Harding, R; Kartha, MR; Leather, A; Lund, C; Marx, M; Nkhoma, K; Murdoch, J; Petersen, I; Petrus, R; van Rensburg, A; Sandall, J; Sevdalis, N; Sheenan, A; Tadesse, A; Thornicroft, G; Verhey, R; Willott, C; Prince, M
2021-12-01A virtual model architecture for engineering structures with Twin Extended Support Vector Regression (T-X-SVR) methodWang, Q; Wu, D; Li, G; Gao, W
2021-12-01The nonlinear dynamic buckling behaviour of imperfect solar cells subjected to impact loadLi, Q; Tian, Y; Wu, D; Gao, W; Yu, Y; Chen, X; Yang, C
2021-12Machine learning aided phase field method for fracture mechanicsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Wu, D; Luo, Z; Chen, X; Zhang, T; Gao, W
2021-11-01Do cyclone impacts really matter for the long-term performance of an offshore wind turbine?Chen, Y; Wu, D; Yu, Y; Gao, W
2021-08-01Guest Editorial Computational Social Systems for COVID-19 Emergency Management and BeyondZhang, JJ; Wang, F-Y; Yuan, Y; Xu, G; Liu, H; Gao, W; Jameel, S; Razzak, I; Eklund, P; Ahmed, S; Qin, R; Li, J; Wang, X; Yang, D-N; Turgut, D; Benslimane, A; Prasad, N; Chen, K-C
2021-07-08Implementation science protocol for a participatory, theory-informed implementation research programme in the context of health system strengthening in sub-Saharan Africa (ASSET-ImplementER).Seward, N; Murdoch, J; Hanlon, C; Araya, R; Gao, W; Harding, R; Lund, C; Hinrichs-Krapels, S; Mayston, R; Kartha, M; Prince, M; Sandall, J; Thornicroft, G; Verhey, R; Sevdalis, N
2021-07-01Fabrication of Photonic Resonators in Bulk 4H‐SiCSchaeper, OC; Fröch, JE; Kim, S; Mu, Z; Toth, M; Gao, W; Aharonovich, I
2021-06-01An improved theory in the determination of aerodynamic damping for a horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)Chen, Y; Wu, D; Yu, Y; Gao, W
2021-06-01On the competitive antagonism effect in combined chloride-sulfate attack: A numerical explorationYu, Y; Gao, W; Feng, Y; Castel, A; Chen, X; Liu, A
2021-05-15Solid biofuel production from spent coffee ground wastes: Process optimisation, characterisation and kinetic studiesLee, XJ; Ong, HC; Gao, W; Ok, YS; Chen, WH; Goh, BHH; Chong, CT
2021-05-03Sensitivity of solidification hydration model in estimating carbonation of fly ash cement systemYu, Y; Zhang, T; Wang, Q; Chen, X; Wu, D; Gao, W; Liu, A
2021-02-01An integrated framework for modelling time-dependent corrosion propagation in offshore concrete structuresYu, Y; Gao, W; Castel, A; Chen, X; Liu, A
2021-01-01Aspect-level sentiment capsule network for micro-video click-through rate predictionHan, Y; Gu, P; Gao, W; Xu, G; Wu, J
2021-01Enhancing session-based social recommendation through item graph embedding and contextual friendship modelingGu, P; Han, Y; Gao, W; Xu, G; Wu, J
2020-12-01Stochastic nonlocal damage analysis by a machine learning approachFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Wu, D; Gao, W; Tin-Loi, F
2020-10-07Versatile direct-writing of dopants in a solid state host through recoil implantation.Fröch, JE; Bahm, A; Kianinia, M; Mu, Z; Bhatia, V; Kim, S; Cairney, JM; Gao, W; Bradac, C; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2020-09-01Safety assessment for functionally graded structures with material nonlinearityFeng, Y; Wu, D; Liu, L; Gao, W; Tin-Loi, F
2020-09-01Modelling steel corrosion under concrete non-uniformity and structural defectsYu, Y; Gao, W; Castel, A; Liu, A; Feng, Y; Chen, X; Mukherjee, A
2020-07-01Size-dependent instability of organic solar cell resting on Winkler–Pasternak elastic foundation based on the modified strain gradient theoryLi, Q; Wu, D; Gao, W; Tin-Loi, F