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2023-04-30Hex-Mesh Generation and Processing: A SurveyPietroni, N; Campen, M; Sheffer, A; Cherchi, G; Bommes, D; Gao, X; Scateni, R; Ledoux, F; Remacle, J; Livesu, M
2022-12-06A Course on Hex-Mesh Generation and ProcessingPietroni, N; Campen, M; Sheffer, A; Cherchi, G; Bommes, D; Gao, X; Scateni, R; Ledoux, F; Remacle, J-F; Livesu, M
2022-12-01Electrically tuneable terahertz metasurface enabled by a graphene/gold bilayer structureSquires, AD; Gao, X; Du, J; Han, Z; Seo, DH; Cooper, JS; Murdock, AT; Lam, SKH; Zhang, T; van der Laan, T
2022-11-20Bacterial dynamics for gaseous emission and humification during bio-augmented composting of kitchen waste with lime addition for acidity regulation.Qi, C; Yin, R; Cheng, J; Xu, Z; Chen, J; Gao, X; Li, G; Nghiem, L; Luo, W
2022-10Error controlled actor-criticGao, X; Chao, F; Zhou, C; Ge, Z; Yang, L; Chang, X; Shang, C; Shen, Q
2022-09-26600-GHz high-temperature superconducting sub-harmonic mixer coupled using a double-Y-type slot integrated lens antenna.Gao, X; Li, H; Zhang, T; Du, J; Smart, K; Ma, J; An, J
2022-07-01What is behind the globalization of technology? Exploring the interplay of multi-level drivers of international patent extension in the solar photovoltaic industryGao, X; Zhang, Y
2022-07Recent Advances in Application of Graphitic Carbon Nitride-Based Catalysts for Photocatalytic Nitrogen Fixation.Zhang, L; Hou, S; Wang, T; Liu, S; Gao, X; Wang, C; Wang, G
2022-03-25Humification and maturation of kitchen waste during indoor composting by individual households.Gao, X; Yang, F; Yan, Z; Zhao, J; Li, S; Nghiem, L; Li, G; Luo, W
2022-03-16N, P Codoped Hollow Carbon Nanospheres Decorated with MoSe2 Ultrathin Nanosheets for Efficient Potassium-Ion Storage.Cui, L; Wang, Z; Kang, S; Fang, Y; Chen, Y; Gao, W; Zhang, Z; Gao, X; Song, C; Chen, X; Wang, Y; Wang, G
2022-03-01The Multilayered Nature of Becoming Nonnative-English-Speaking TeacherHsieh, JK-T; Gao, X; Bell, S
2022-01-21Design and modeling of a single-balanced high- T <inf>c</inf>superconducting Josephson-junction terahertz mixerGao, X; Li, H; Du, J; Zhang, T; Song, J; Bu, X; An, J; Liu, H
2021-12-20Bacterial dynamics for gaseous emission and humification in bio-augmented composting of kitchen waste.Gao, X; Xu, Z; Li, Y; Zhang, L; Li, G; Nghiem, LD; Luo, W
2021-12-01A dual-beam lens-free slot-array antenna coupled high-Tc superconducting fundamental mixer at the W-bandGao, X; Zhang, T; Du, J; An, J; Bu, X; Guo, J
2021-11-17Terahertz Communication Demonstration by using a High-Tc Superconducting Josephson Receiver Integrated with a Miniature CryocoolerGao, X; Du, J; Zhang, T; Zhang, H; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2021-10Substituting clinical features using synthetic medical phrases: Medical text data augmentation techniques.Abdollahi, M; Gao, X; Mei, Y; Ghosh, S; Li, J; Narag, M
2021-05-17A universal strategy towards high–energy aqueous multivalent–ion batteriesTang, X; Zhou, D; Zhang, B; Wang, S; Li, P; Liu, H; Guo, X; Jaumaux, P; Gao, X; Fu, Y; Wang, C; Wang, C; Wang, G
2021-04-08Femtosecond Laser Writing of Spin Defects in Hexagonal Boron NitrideGao, X; Pandey, S; Kianinia, M; Ahn, J; Ju, P; Aharonovich, I; Shivaram, N; Li, T
2021-03-28Metal-organic frameworks as separators and electrolytes for lithium-sulfur batteriesChu, Z; Gao, X; Wang, C; Wang, T; Wang, G
2021-01-01Towards 6G wireless communication networks: vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shiftsYou, X; Wang, CX; Huang, J; Gao, X; Zhang, Z; Wang, M; Huang, Y; Zhang, C; Jiang, Y; Wang, J; Zhu, M; Sheng, B; Wang, D; Pan, Z; Zhu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Zhang, P; Tao, X; Li, S; Chen, Z; Ma, X; Chih-Lin, I; Han, S; Li, K; Pan, C; Zheng, Z; Hanzo, L; Shen, XS; Guo, YJ; Ding, Z; Haas, H; Tong, W; Zhu, P; Yang, G; Wang, J; Larsson, EG; Ngo, HQ; Hong, W; Wang, H; Hou, D; Chen, J; Chen, Z; Hao, Z; Li, GY; Tafazolli, R; Gao, Y; Poor, HV; Fettweis, GP; Liang, YC