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2019-08-08Using asynchronous exergames to encourage an active ageing lifestyle: Solitaire fitness study protocolGay, VC; Garcia, JA; Leong, TW
2019-08-08A virtual reality game-like tool for assessing the risk of falling in the elderlyGarcia, JA
2019-08-01Solitaire Fitness: Design of an asynchronous exergame for the elderly to enhance cognitive and physical abilityGarcia, JA; Sundara, N; Tabor, G; Gay, VC; Leong, TW
2019-08-01Evaluating a VR-based Box and Blocks Test for Automatic Assessment of Manual Dexterity: A Preliminary Study in Parkinson's DiseaseOna, ED; Cuesta-Gomez, A; Garcia, JA; Raffe, W; Sanchez-Herrera, P; Cano-De-La-Cuerda, R; Jardon, A
2019-01-29Last Island: Exploring Transitions to Sustainable Futures through PlayTaghikhah, F; Raffe, WL; Mitri, G; Toit, SD; Voinov, A; Garcia, JA
2018-06-29Combining skeletal tracking and virtual reality for game-based fall prevention training for the elderlyRaffe, WL; Garcia, JA
2018-06-29Assessing the validity of in-game stepping performance data from a kinect-based fall prevention exergameGarcia, JA
2018-01-29Assessing user engagement with a fall prevention game as an unsupervised exercise program for older peopleGarcia, JA; Raffe, WL; Navarro, KF
2016-12-01A Bespoke Kinect Stepping Exergame for Improving Physical and Cognitive Function in Older People: A Pilot StudyGarcia, JA; Schoene, D; Lord, SR; Delbaere, K; Valenzuela, T; Navarro, KF
2015-01-01StepKinnection: A Fall Prevention Game Mindfully Designed for the ElderlyGarcia, JA; Felix Navarro, K
2014-01-01The mobile RehApp™: An AR-based mobile game for ankle sprain rehabilitationGarcia, JA; Navarro, KF
2014-01-01Step Kinection: A hybrid clinical test for fall risk assessment in older adultsGarcia, JA; Tan, CT; Pisan, Y; Navarro, KF
2014-01-01Assessing the kinect’s capabilities to perform a time-based clinical test for fall risk assessment in older peopleGarcia, JA; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT; Navarro, KF
2012-01-01Exergames for the elderly: Towards an embedded Kinect-based clinical test of falls riskGarcia, JA; Felix Navarro, K; Schoene, D; Smith, ST; Pisan, Y