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2022-05-14Development and validation of a tool to measure collaborative practice between community pharmacists and physicians from the perspective of community pharmacists: the professional collaborative practice tool.Sanchez-Molina, AI; Benrimoj, SI; Ferri-Garcia, R; Martinez-Martinez, F; Gastelurrutia, MA; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2022-01-01Non-initiation of prescribed medication from a Spanish health professionals' perspective: A qualitative exploration based on Grounded Theory.Peñarrubia-María, MT; Gil-Girbau, M; Gallardo-González, MC; Aznar-Lou, I; Serrano-Blanco, A; Mendive Arbeloa, JM; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Sánchez-Viñas, A; Rubio-Valera, M
2022-01-01Integration of community pharmacy in primary health care: The challengePiquer-Martinez, C; Urionagüena, A; Benrimoj, SI; Calvo, B; Martinez-Martinez, F; Fernandez-Llimos, F; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Gastelurrutia, MA
2022-01-01Pediatric Medication Noninitiation in Spain.Carbonell-Duacastella, C; Rubio-Valera, M; Marqués-Ercilla, S; Peñarrubia-María, MT; Gil-Girbau, M; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Pasarín, MI; Parody-Rúa, E; Aznar-Lou, I
2021-09-16Cost-utility analysis of medication review with follow-up for cardiovascular outcomes: A microsimulation model.Ahumada-Canale, A; Vargas, C; Martinez-Mardones, F; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-07-19Data-driven approach for tailoring facilitation strategies to overcome implementation barriers in community pharmacyMoussa, L; Benrimoj, S; Musial, K; Kocbek, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-03-29Effectiveness of a medication adherence management intervention in a community pharmacy setting: a cluster randomised controlled trialTorres-Robles, A; Benrimoj, SI; Gastelurrutia, MA; Martinez-Martinez, F; Peiro, T; Perez-Escamilla, B; Rogers, K; Valverde-Merino, I; Varas-Doval, R; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-03-01Community pharmacists' perspectives about the sustainability of professional pharmacy services: A qualitative studyCrespo-Gonzalez, C; Benrimoj, S; Scerri, M; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-02-17Systematic review of pragmatic randomised control trials assessing the effectiveness of professional pharmacy services in community pharmaciesVaras-Doval, R; Saéz-Benito, L; Gastelurrutia, MA; Benrimoj, SI; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Martinez-Martínez, F
2021-02-05Medication review with follow-up for cardiovascular outcomes: a trial based cost-utility analysis.Ahumada-Canale, A; Vargas, C; Balmaceda, C; Martinez-Mardones, F; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-01-22Co-design and feasibility of a pharmacist-led minor ailment serviceDineen-Griffin, S; Benrimoj, SI; Williams, KA; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-01-01Using network analysis to explore factors moderating the implementation of a medication review service in community pharmacy.Pérez-Escamillla, B; Benrimoj, SI; Martínez-Martínez, F; Gastelurrutia MÁ; Varas-Doval, R; Musial-Gabrys, K; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2021-01-01Understanding the provision of a clinical service in mental health and the role of the pharmacist: A qualitative analysisFernandes, SAF; Brito, GDC; Dosea, AS; de Lyra Junior, DP; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Fonteles, MMDF
2021-01-01Pharmacy practice research priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic: Recommendations of a panel of experts convened by FIP Pharmacy Practice Research Special Interest Group.Dawoud, D; Chen, AMH; Rossing, CV; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Law, AV; Aslani, P; Bates, I; Babar, Z-U-D; Desselle, S
2021-01Cost-Utility Analysis of a Medication Adherence Management Service Alongside a Cluster Randomized Control Trial in Community Pharmacy.Valverde-Merino, M-I; Martinez-Martinez, F; Garcia-Mochon, L; Benrimoj, SI; Malet-Larrea, A; Perez-Escamilla, B; Zarzuelo, MJ; Torres-Robles, A; Gastelurrutia, MA; Varas-Doval, R; Peiro Zorrilla, T; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2020-11Cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating the clinical and humanistic impact of a pharmacist-led minor ailment service.Dineen-Griffin, S; Benrimoj, SI; Rogers, K; Williams, KA; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2020-11Pharmacy practice research - A call to action.Garcia-Cardenas, V; Rossing, CV; Fernandez-Llimos, F; Schulz, M; Tsuyuki, R; Bugnon, O; Stumpf Tonin, F; Benrimoj, SI
2020-09-29Evaluating an implementation programme for medication review with follow-up in community pharmacy using a hybrid effectiveness study design: translating evidence into practice.Varas-Doval, R; Gastelurrutia, MA; Benrimoj, SI; Zarzuelo, MJ; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Perez-Escamilla, B; Martínez-Martínez, F
2020-08-12Impact of a Multicomponent Digital Therapeutic Mobile App on Medication Adherence in Patients with Chronic Conditions: Retrospective Analysis.Wiecek, E; Torres-Robles, A; Cutler, RL; Benrimoj, SI; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2020-07-28Cost utility of a pharmacist-led minor ailment service compared with usual pharmacist care.Dineen-Griffin, S; Vargas, C; Williams, KA; Benrimoj, SI; Garcia-Cardenas, V