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2022-11-09Views on the usability, design, and future possibilities of a 3D food printer for people with dysphagia: outcomes of an immersive experience.Hemsley, B; Dann, S; Reddacliff, C; Smith, R; Given, F; Gay, V; Leong, TW; Josserand, E; Skellern, K; Bull, C; Palmer, S; Balandin, S
2022-11-01Poor Compliance of Diabetic Patients with AI-Enabled E-Health Self-Care Management in Saudi ArabiaAlanazi, F; Gay, V; Alturki, R
2022-10-10Exploring Saudi Individuals' Perspectives and Needs to Design a Hypertension Management Mobile Technology Solution: Qualitative Study.Alzahrani, A; Gay, V; Alturki, R
2022-01-01Impact of Mobile Technology Solution on Self-Management in Patients with Hypertension: Advantages and BarriersAlzahrani, A; Gay, V; Alturki, R
2022-01-01e-Health Care Development in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Problems in e-Health SystemsAlanazi, F; Gay, V
2022-01-01A Model for a Mobile-enabled e-Health System in Saudi Arabia for the Self-management of DiabetesAlanazi, F; Gay, V; Alturki, R
2021-12-01Erratum to ‘An overview of electronic personal health records’ [Health Policy and Technology 7 (2018) 427-432](S2211883718301266)(10.1016/j.hlpt.2018.10.004)Alsahafi, YA; Gay, V
2021-07-12GAMES FOR THE COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT OF OLDER ADULTSTavares Vasconcelos Oliveira, F; Gay, V; Garcia Marin, J
2021-07-09Games for the Cognitive Assessment of Older AdultsTavares Oliveira, F; Garcia Marin, J; Gay, V
2021-06-28Towards an Application Helping to Minimize Medication Error RateAlharbi, AI; Gay, V; AlGhamdi, MJ; Alturki, R; Alyamani, HJ
2021-01-01Modelling Health Process and System Requirements Engineering for Better e-Health Services in Saudi ArabiaAlanazi, F; Gay, V; N., M; Alturki, R
2021Towards Understanding the Usability Attributes of AI-Enabled eHealth Mobile Applications.Alzahrani, AS; Gay, V; Alturki, R; AlGhamdi, MJ
2021Roadshow presentations for developing presentation and feedback skills in studio based learningBone, D; Gay, V; Brookes, W; Trede, F; Braun, R
2020-11-28Factors affecting the acceptance of integrated electronic personal health records in Saudi Arabia: The impact of e-health literacy.Alsahafi, YA; Gay, V; Khwaji, AA
2020-11-04e-Health for Diabetes Self-Management in Saudi Arabia: Barriers and SolutionsGay, V; Alanazi, F
2020-01-01Privacy, security and usability for IoT-enabled weight loss appsAlturki, R; AlGhamdi, MJ; Gay, V; Awan, N; ur Rehman, A; Alshehri, M
2020-01-01Analysis of an ehealth app: Privacy, security and usabilityAlturki, R; AlGhamdi, MJ; Gay, V; Awan, N; Kundi, M; Alshehri, M
2020The Acceptance of National Electronic Health Records in Saudi Arabia: Healthcare Consumers’ PerspectivesGay, V; Alsahafi, Y; Khwaji, A
2019-03-01The development of an Arabic weight-loss app akser waznk: Qualitative resultsAlturki, R; Gay, V
2019-01-01Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mobile Fitness Applications: A SurveyAlturki, R; Gay, V