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2022-06City planning policies to support health and sustainability: an international comparison of policy indicators for 25 citiesLowe, M; Adlakha, D; Sallis, JF; Salvo, D; Cerin, E; Moudon, AV; Higgs, C; Hinckson, E; Arundel, J; Boeing, G; Liu, S; Mansour, P; Gebel, K; Puig-Ribera, A; Mishra, PB; Bozovic, T; Carson, J; Dygrýn, J; Florindo, AA; Ho, TP; Hook, H; Hunter, RF; Lai, P-C; Molina-García, J; Nitvimol, K; Oyeyemi, AL; Ramos, CDG; Resendiz, E; Troelsen, J; Witlox, F; Giles-Corti, B
2022-06Creating healthy and sustainable cities: what gets measured, gets doneGiles-Corti, B; Moudon, AV; Lowe, M; Adlakha, D; Cerin, E; Boeing, G; Higgs, C; Arundel, J; Liu, S; Hinckson, E; Salvo, D; Adams, MA; Badland, H; Florindo, AA; Gebel, K; Hunter, RF; Mitáš, J; Oyeyemi, AL; Puig-Ribera, A; Queralt, A; Santos, MP; Schipperijn, J; Stevenson, M; Dyck, DV; Vich, G; Sallis, JF
2022-06Using open data and open-source software to develop spatial indicators of urban design and transport features for achieving healthy and sustainable cities.Boeing, G; Higgs, C; Liu, S; Giles-Corti, B; Sallis, JF; Cerin, E; Lowe, M; Adlakha, D; Hinckson, E; Moudon, AV; Salvo, D; Adams, MA; Barrozo, LV; Bozovic, T; Delclòs-Alió, X; Dygrýn, J; Ferguson, S; Gebel, K; Ho, TP; Lai, P-C; Martori, JC; Nitvimol, K; Queralt, A; Roberts, JD; Sambo, GH; Schipperijn, J; Vale, D; Van de Weghe, N; Vich, G; Arundel, J
2022-02-09The prevalence of loneliness across 113 countries: systematic review and meta-analysis.Surkalim, DL; Luo, M; Eres, R; Gebel, K; van Buskirk, J; Bauman, A; Ding, D
2022-02-08Using Commercially Available Measurement Devices for the Intake-Balance Method to Estimate Energy Intake: Work in Progress.Gebel, K; Ding, D
2022-02Exercise frequency during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal probability survey of the US population.Wijngaards, I; Del Pozo Cruz, B; Gebel, K; Ding, D
2019-12-01Infographic:The effects of residential relocation on walking, physical activity and travel behaviourDing, D; Williamson, C; Nguyen, B; Learnihan, V; Bauman, AE; Davey, R; Jalaludin, B; Gebel, K
2019-08-01Associations of vigorous physical activity with all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortality among 64 913 adultsRey Lopez, JP; Gebel, K; Chia, D; Stamatakis, E
2019-02-01Effects of new dock-less bicycle-sharing programs on cycling: A retrospective study in ShanghaiJia, Y; Ding, D; Gebel, K; Chen, L; Zhang, S; Ma, Z; Fu, H
2019-01-01The 2018 physical activity guidelines for Americans: What’s new? Implications for clinicians and the publicStamatakis, E; Straker, L; Hamer, M; Gebel, K
2018-12Removal of sugary drinks from vending machines: an Australian university case study.Tsai, C; Slater, S; Ronto, R; Gebel, K; Wu, JHY
2018-11-10Sitting Time and Physical Function in Australian Retirees: An Analysis of Bidirectional Relationships.Gardiner, PA; Reid, N; Gebel, K; Ding, D
2018-06Moving to an active lifestyle? A systematic review of the effects of residential relocation on walking, physical activity and travel behaviour.Ding, D; Nguyen, B; Learnihan, V; Bauman, AE; Davey, R; Jalaludin, B; Gebel, K
2018-05Mobile bicycle sharing: the social trend that could change how we move.Ding, D; Jia, Y; Gebel, K
2017-09-18Perceived barriers and enablers to participation in a community-tailored physical activity program with Indigenous Australians in a regional and rural setting: a qualitative study.Sushames, A; Engelberg, T; Gebel, K
2017-03Patterns and predictors of sitting time over ten years in a large population-based Canadian sample: Findings from the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos).Gebel, K; Pont, S; Ding, D; Bauman, AE; Chau, JY; Berger, C; Prior, JC; CaMos Research Group,
2017-01-06Co-benefits of designing communities for active living: An exploration of literatureSallis, JF; Spoon, C; Cavili, N; Engelberg, JK; Gebel, K; Parker, M; Thornton, CM; Lou, D; Wilson, AL; Cutter, CL; Ding, D
2016-12-21Do physical activity interventions in Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand improve activity levels and health outcomes? A systematic review.Sushames, A; van Uffelen, JGZ; Gebel, K
2016-02Correcting bias in self-rated quality of life: an application of anchoring vignettes and ordinal regression models to better understand QoL differences across commuting modes.Crane, M; Rissel, C; Greaves, S; Gebel, K
2016Validity and Reliability of Fitbit Flex for Step Count, Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and Activity Energy Expenditure.Sushames, A; Edwards, A; Thompson, F; McDermott, R; Gebel, K