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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-01Bayesian Inference for ARFIMA ModelsDurham, G; Geweke, J; Porter-Hudak, S; Sowell, F
2016-03-01Comment on: Reflections on the probability space induced by moment conditions with implications for Bayesian inferenceGeweke, J
2016-03-01Risk Presentation and Portfolio ChoiceBateman, H; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Louviere, J; Satchell, S; Thorp, S
2016-03Sequentially Adaptive Bayesian Learning for a Nonlinear Model of the Secular and Cyclical Behavior of US Real GDPGeweke, J
2015-01-01A comment on Christoffersen, Jacobs, and Ornthanalai (2012), "Dynamic jump intensities and risk premiums: Evidence from S&P 500 returns and options"Durham, G; Geweke, J; Ghosh, P
2015Bayesian Inference for Logistic Regression Models Using Sequential Posterior SimulationGeweke, J; Durham, G; Xu, H; Upadhyay, S; Singh, U; Dey, D; Loganathan, A
2014-11-01Likelihood-based inference for regular functions with fractional polynomial approximationsGeweke, J; Petrella, L
2014-03-01A simple method for estimating preference parameters for individualsFrischknecht, BD; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Louviere, JJ
2014-01-01Adaptive sequential posterior simulators for massively parallel computing environmentsDurham, G; Geweke, J
2013-03-20Disengagement: A Partial Solution to the Annuity PuzzleBateman, H; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Iskhakov, F; Louviere, JJ; Satchell, SE; Thorp, S
2012-12-01Introduction for the annals issue of the Journal of Econometrics on "Bayesian Models, Methods and Applications"Geweke, J; Koop, G; Paap, R
2012-12-01Nonparametric Bayesian modelling of monotone preferences for discrete choice experimentsGeweke, J
2012-07-05Prediction with misspecified modelsGeweke, J; Amisano, G
2012-03-01Financial Competence and Expectations Formation: Evidence from AustraliaBateman, H; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Louviere, J; Thorp, S; Satchell, S
2011-09-01Optimal prediction poolsGeweke, J; Amisano, G
2011-08-01Inference and prediction in a multiple-structural-break modelGeweke, J; Jiang, Y
2011-04-10Investment Risk Framing and Individual Preference ConsistencyBateman, H; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Louviere, JJ; Satchell, SE; Thorp, S
2011-01-01Hierarchical Markov normal mixture models with applications to financial asset returnsGeweke, J; Amisano, G
2010-07-01Memoirs of an indifferent trader: Estimating forecast distributions from prediction marketsBerg, JE; Geweke, J; Rietz, TA
2010-04-01Comparing and evaluating Bayesian predictive distributions of asset returnsGeweke, J; Amisano, G