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2022-03-02Silence, Exile and Cunning: Concealment and Worship at the Holy Infant Jesus Church, BangaloreGhosh, D
2022-03-02Boundaries and Crossings: Religious Fluidity in Twenty-first Century IndiaGhosh, D; Davidson, LS
2022The Bones of Our Mother: Adivasi Dispossession in an Indian StateGhosh, D; Russell, L; McGrath, A
2021-04-02The past in the presentGhosh, D; Goodall, H
2021-01-01COVID-19-affected medical image analysis using DenserNetAdak, C; Ghosh, D; Chowdhury, RR; Chattopadhyay, S
2020-12-01Overcoming the dissolution rate, gastrointestinal permeability and oral bioavailability of glimepiride and simvastatin co-delivered in the form of nanosuspension and solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system: A comparative studyPandey, NK; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Kumar, B; Kapoor, B; Ghosh, D; Kumar, R; Khursheed, R; Awasthi, A; Kuppusamy, G; Wadhwa, S; Satija, S; Dureja, H; Jain, SK; Chellappan, DK; Anand, K; Mehta, M; Dua, K
2020-12-01Development of modified apple polysaccharide capped silver nanoparticles loaded with mesalamine for effective treatment of ulcerative colitisKaur, G; Singh, SK; Kumar, R; Kumar, B; Kumari, Y; Gulati, M; Pandey, NK; Gowthamarajan, K; Ghosh, D; Clarisse, A; Wadhwa, S; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Dua, K; Dureja, H; Gupta, S; Singh, PK; Kapoor, B; Chitranshi, N; Kumar, A; Porwal, O
2020-08Beyond the Coal Rush A Turning Point for Global Energy and Climate Policy?Goodman, J; Chakrabarty, D; Connor, L; Ghosh, D; Kohli, K; Marshall, JP; Menon, M; Mueller, K; Morton, T; Pearse, R; Renn, O; Rosewarne, S
2020Rights and Coercion: Adivasi Rights and Coal Mining in Central IndiaGhosh, D; Dube, S; Seth, S; Skaria, A
2020From coal to renewables: changing socio-ecological relations of energy in India, Australia, and GermanyMorton, T; Marshall, JP; Connor, L; Ghosh, D; Műller, K
2019-12-01Gold nanoparticles: New routes across old boundariesKumari, Y; Kaur, G; Kumar, R; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Khursheed, R; Clarisse, A; Gowthamarajan, K; Karri, VVSNR; Mahalingam, R; Ghosh, D; Awasthi, A; Yadav, AK; Kapoor, B; Singh, PK; Dua, K; Porwal, O
2019-08-26Teacher for Justice: Lucy Woodcock's Transnational LifeGoodall, H; Randerson, H; Ghosh, D
2019-07-01Reimagining Asia: Indian and Australian women crossing bordersGoodall, H; Ghosh, D
2019Teacher for Justice: Lucy Woodcock's Transnational LifeGoodall, H; Randerson, H; Ghosh, D
2019Teacher for Justice: Lucy Woodcock's Transnational LifeGoodall, H; Randerson, H; Ghosh, D
2019Climate technology and climate justice: energy transitions in Germany, India and AustraliaGoodman, J; Ghosh, D; Morton, T; Jafry, T
2018-11-01Risky fieldwork: The problems of ethics in the fieldGhosh, D
2018Not as a stranger or a tourist’: Leonora Gmeiner and the first girls’ school in DelhiGhosh, D; Goodall, H; Bandyopadhyay, S; Buckingham, J
2016-04-02Burma–Bengal Crossings: Intercolonial Connections in Pre-Independence IndiaGhosh, D
2016-01-01Green marketing and green consciousness in IndiaGhosh, D; Jain, A