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2024-03-01Water management practices in master-planned developments and eco-neighborhoodsGhosh, S
2024-01-25Long-Range Ultrasound Wake-Up Receiver Using Pzt-Scaln Hybrid Pmut Link With Exponential HornTrivedi, S; Goh, DJ; Chen, W; Toh, WD; Zhang, J; Ghosh, S; Giusti, D; Leotti, A; Chan, HC; Koppisetti, G; Zhang, Y; Gao, Y; Lee, JE-Y; Koh, Y
2023-11-07Extraction of Material Properties of A Thin Silicon Membrane Embedded in A Piezoelectric StackGhosh, S; Ramegowda, PC; Jian Goh, D; Sharma, J; Koh, Y; Lee, JE-Y
2023-11-01DC Bias Effects on Optimizing ScAlN Air-Coupled pMUT Performance ParametersCheong, DSW; Goh, DJ; Liu, J; Sarafianou, M; Merugu, S; Zhang, QX; Chang, P; Leotti, A; Koppisetti, G; Zakiyyan, N; Lin, H; Bhasetti, C; Ghosh, S; Ramegowda, PC; Chen, DS-H; Lee, JE-Y; Prelini, C; Giusti, D; Savoia, A; K, Y
2023-11-01Ultra-Low Power MEMS Inertial Switch Based Wake-Up Wireless Sensing Node for Door Lock MonitoringGhosh, S; Goh, DJ; Hu, Z; Sharma, J; Teo, YS; McCarthy, M; Ramegowda, PC; Da Toh, W; Chen, W; Murugan, A; Zhang, Y; Tsuchiya, Y; Lal, A; Lee, JE-Y; Koh, Y
2023-11-01Iterative Analysis Approach using interactive Python-FEM to estimate the residual stresses in PMUTsRamegowda, PC; Choong, DSW; Goh, DJ; Jihang, L; Merugu, S; Chang, P; Leotti, A; Giusti, D; Prelini, C; Ghosh, S; Lee, JE-Y; Koh, Y
2023-10-07Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in New South Wales: Analysis of the National Disability Insurance Agency SDA-Enrolled Dwelling DatasetCarnemolla, P; Gill-Finnegan, T; Herath, S; Ghosh, S; Taylor, M; Callaway, L; Robinson, S; Darcy, S; Wiesel, I; Council for Intellectual Disability
2023-08-17Growing health in local food gardens: case studies of community, school, and home gardensGhosh, S; Williams, A; Marsh, P
2023-08-04Operability of Smart Spaces in Urban Environments: A Systematic Review on Enhancing Functionality and User Experience.Ndaguba, E; Cilliers, J; Ghosh, S; Herath, S; Mussi, ET
2023-05-11Factors influencing and changes in childhood vaccination coverage over time in Bangladesh: a multilevel mixed-effects analysis.Kundu, S; Kundu, S; Seidu, A-A; Okyere, J; Ghosh, S; Hossain, A; Alshahrani, NZ; Banna, MHA; Rahman, MA; Ahinkorah, BO
2023-05-01Multi-scale attention guided pose transferRoy, P; Bhattacharya, S; Ghosh, S; Pal, U
2023-04-26Integration of planning and health promotion policies and nutrition education for healthy vegetable and fruit intake in school studentsGhosh, S; Ghosh, D; Bogueva, D; Smarta, RB
2023-02-01Aboveground Forest Biomass Estimation by the Integration of TLS and ALOS PALSAR Data Using Machine LearningSingh, A; Kushwaha, SKP; Nandy, S; Padalia, H; Ghosh, S; Srivastava, A; Kumari, N
2023-01-20Sustainable Urban Design and Planning for PrecinctsGhosh, S
2023-01-02Integrating urban agriculture in design and planning for built environmentsGhosh, S
2023-01-02Rooftop food gardens of Dhaka City in BangladeshMomtaz, T; Ghosh, S; Cilliers, J
2023-01-01Perceived differential vulnerability and climate change-related hazards in informal settlements in Accra, Ghana: re-thinking vulnerability to climate change in urban areasAdams, I; Ghosh, S; Runeson, G
2023-01-01Advancing flood resilience: the nexus between flood risk management, green infrastructure, and resilienceTakin, M; Cilliers, EJ; Ghosh, S
2023-01-01TIC: text-guided image colorization using conditional generative modelGhosh, S; Roy, P; Bhattacharya, S; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2023Reclaiming Healthy Cities Through Nature-Based Planning SolutionsCilliers, EJ; Ghosh, S; Ndaguba, EA