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2023-02Contextuality and context-sensitivity in probabilistic models of cognition.Bruza, PD; Fell, L; Hoyte, P; Dehdashti, S; Obeid, A; Gibson, A; Moreira, C
2022-03-24Natural Language Processing: Writing AnalyticsGibson, A; Aileen Shibani Michael Xavier, A
2022General practitioners working in or alongside the emergency department: the GPED mixed-methods studyBenger, J; Brant, H; Scantlebury, A; Anderson, H; Baxter, H; Bloor, K; Brandling, J; Cowlishaw, S; Doran, T; Gaughan, J; Gibson, A; Gutacker, N; Leggett, H; Liu, D; Morton, K; Purdy, S; Salisbury, C; Vaittinen, A; Voss, S; Watson, R; Adamson, J
2022Writing Analytics for Higher-order Thinking SkillsShibani, A; Gibson, A; Knight, S; Winne, P; Littman, D
2021-01-01Recognizing Reflection: Computer-Assisted Analysis of First Year Medical Students’ Reflective WritingHanlon, CD; Frosch, EM; Shochet, RB; Buckingham Shum, SJ; Gibson, A; Goldberg, HR
2020-12-17Are You Being Rhetorical? A Description of Rhetorical Move Annotation Tools and Open Corpus of Sample Machine-Annotated Rhetorical MovesKnight, S; Abel, S; Shibani, A; Goh, YK; Conijn, R; Gibson, A; Vajjala, S; Cotos, E; Sándor Á; Buckingham Shum, S
2020-04-01Implementing learning analytics for learning impact: Taking tools to taskKnight, S; Gibson, A; Shibani, A
2019-08-01AI in the public interestChen, F; Zhou, J; Bertram, C; Gibson, A; Nugent, A
2019-01-01Pharmacy students’ utilization of an online tool for immediate formative feedback on reflective writing tasksLucas, C; Gibson, A; Shum, SB
2018-10-01General practitioners and emergency departments (GPED) - Efficient models of care: A mixed-methods study protocolMorton, K; Voss, S; Adamson, J; Baxter, H; Bloor, K; Brandling, J; Cowlishaw, S; Doran, T; Gibson, A; Gutacker, N; Liu, D; Purdy, S; Roy, P; Salisbury, C; Scantlebury, A; Vaittinen, A; Watson, R; Benger, JR
2018-03-07Embracing imperfection in learning analyticsKitto, K; Shum, SB; Gibson, A
2018The pragmatic maxim as learning analytics research methodGibson, A; Lang, C
2018Early Career Teachers in Rural Schools: Plotlines of ResilienceCrosswell, L; Willis, J; Morrison, C; Gibson, A; Ryan, M
2017-11-28That dashboard looks nice, but what does it mean? towards making meaning explicit in learning analytics designGibson, A; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2017-10-03Looking for leadership: the potential of dialogic reflexivity with rural early-career teachersWillis, J; Crosswell, L; Morrison, C; Gibson, A; Ryan, M
2017-03-13Reflective writing analytics for actionable feedbackGibson, A; Shum, SB; Aitken, A; Tsingos-Lucas, C; Sándor, Á; Knight, S
2017-03-13Writing analytics literacy - Bridging from research to practiceKnight, S; Allen, L; Gibson, A; McNamara, D; Shum, SB
2017-03-13Towards mining sequences and dispersion of rhetorical moves in student written textsKnight, S; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Gibson, A; Shum, SB
2016-09Towards the Discovery of Learner Metacognition from Reflective WritingGibson, A; Kitto, K; Bruza, P
2016-08-01Evaluation of Subscription-based Culture Change Models in Care Settings: Findings From a Systematic ReviewPetriwskyj, A; Parker, D; Brown Wilson, C; Gibson, A