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2-Mar-2018Personal wellbeing in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Association with PTSD symptoms during and following treatmentBerle, D; Hilbrink, D; Russell-Williams, C; Kiely, R; Hardaker, L; Garwood, N; Gilchrist, A; Steel, Z
27-Jul-2016Efficient recycling strategies for preparing large Fock states from single-photon sources: Applications to quantum metrologyMotes, KR; Mann, RL; Olson, JP; Studer, NM; Bergeron, EA; Gilchrist, A; Dowling, JP; Berry, DW; Rohde, PP
27-Jan-2016Quantum random walks on congested lattices and the effect of dephasingMotes, KR; Gilchrist, A; Rohde, PP
17-Nov-2015Implementing BosonSampling with time-bin encoding: Analysis of loss, mode mismatch, and time jitterMotes, KR; Dowling, JP; Gilchrist, A; Rohde, PP
11-Nov-2015Multiplexed single-photon-state preparation using a fiber-loop architectureRohde, PP; Helt, LG; Steel, MJ; Gilchrist, A
18-Sep-2014Scalable boson sampling with time-bin encoding using a loop-based architectureMotes, KR; Gilchrist, A; Dowling, JP; Rohde, PP
9-Aug-2013Information capacity of a single photonRohde, PP; Fitzsimons, JF; Gilchrist, A
1-Jul-2013Increasing the dimensionality of quantum walks using multiple walkersRohde, PP; Schreiber, A; Štefaňák, M; Jex, I; Gilchrist, A; Christine Silberhorn
2-May-2013Quantum walks with memory provided by recycled coins and a memory of the coin-flip historyRohde, PP; Brennen, GK; Gilchrist, A
9-Oct-2012Quantum walks with encrypted dataRohde, PP; Fitzsimons, JF; Gilchrist, A