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2023-12-31Conflicting interpretations of ‘design’ and ‘premature product obsolescence’: Australia’s Right to Repair Inquiry 2020-2021Stein, JA; Kalantidou, E; Keulemans, G; Mellick-Lopes, A; Rubenis, N; Gill, A
2023-02-24A Knowledge-Graph Based Integrated Digital EA Maturity and Performance FrameworkAlsufyani, N; Gill, A
2022-12-14Governance Challenges of AI-enabled Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Toward a Research AgendaBenedict, G; Sullivan, C; Gill, A
2022-12-07A Conceptual Model to Assess the Maturity Of Information Security Audit ProcessAnwar, M; Gill, A; Proper, H
2022-10-20Guest editorial for EMMSAD'2021 special sectionReinhartz-Berger, I; Zdravkovic, J; Gill, A
2022-06-06Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling. 23rd International Conference, BPMDS 2022 and 27th International Conference, EMMSAD 2022, Held at CAiSE 2022, Leuven, Belgium, June 6–7, 2022, Proceedings.Augusto, A; Gill, A; Bork, D; Nurcan, S; Reinhartz-Berger, I; Schmidt, R
2022-05-04Lynch syndrome testing of colorectal cancer patients in a high-income country with universal healthcare: a retrospective study of current practice and gaps in seven australian hospitals.Steinberg, J; Chan, P; Hogden, E; Tiernan, G; Morrow, A; Kang, Y-J; He, E; Venchiarutti, R; Titterton, L; Sankey, L; Pearn, A; Nichols, C; McKay, S; Hayward, A; Egoroff, N; Engel, A; Gibbs, P; Goodwin, A; Harris, M; Kench, JG; Pachter, N; Parkinson, B; Pockney, P; Ragunathan, A; Smyth, C; Solomon, M; Steffens, D; Toh, JWT; Wallace, M; Canfell, K; Gill, A; Macrae, F; Tucker, K; Taylor, N
2022A systematic review of the purposes of Blockchain and fog computing integration: classification and open issues.Alzoubi, YI; Gill, A; Mishra, A
2021-12-01The Critical Communication Challenges between Geographically Distributed Agile Development Teams: Empirical FindingsAlzoubi, Y; Gill, A
2021-11-20Sustainability and Tourism GrowthDwyer, L; Gill, A
2021-09-09Applying DevOps for Distributed Agile Development: A Case StudyGill, A; Maheshwari, D
2021-06-14Lysyl oxidase inhibitors attenuate cyclosporin A-induced nephropathy in mouse.Nguyen, LT; Saad, S; Shi, Y; Wang, R; Chou, ASY; Gill, A; Yao, Y; Jarolimek, W; Pollock, CA
2021-05-20Non-invasive assessment of exfoliated kidney cells extracted from urine using multispectral autofluorescence features.Mahbub, SB; Nguyen, LT; Habibalahi, A; Campbell, JM; Anwer, AG; Qadri, UM; Gill, A; Chou, A; Wong, MG; Gosnell, ME; Pollock, CA; Saad, S; Goldys, EM
2021-05-04Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the AnthropoceneCohen, H; Sidoti, F; Gill, A; Mellick Lopes, A; Hatfield, M; Allen, J; Miya, C; Rossier, O; Rockwell, G
2021-04-29Sustainability, living labs and repair: Approaches to climate change mitigationCohen, H; Sidoti, F; Gill, A; Lopes, AM; Hatfield, M; Allen, J
2021-03-01Re-pair: An Open Project for Cultures and Economies of Repair in Western SydneyGill, A; Mellick Lopes, A; Sidoti, F
2021-01-01Developing an Integrated ISO 27701 and GDPR based Information Privacy Compliance Requirements ModelAnwar, MJ; Gill, A
2020-09-10The DevOps Reference Architecture Evaluation : A Design Science Research Case StudyGhantous, GB; Gill, A
2020-04-01Towards an assessment framework of reuse: a knowledge-level analysis approachBeydoun, G; Hoffmann, A; Valencia Garcia, R; Shen, J; Gill, A
2020-01-01Web 2.0 Technologies Adoption Barriers for External Contacts and Participation: A Case Study of Federal Establishment of AfricaKhan, HU; Aruya, JA; Gill, A