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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10A regulatory control framework for decentrally governed DLT systems: Action design researchBenedict, G; Gill, AQ
2021-03-01Developing an access control management metamodel for secure digital enterprise architecture modelingNahar, K; Gill, AQ; Roach, T
2021A Review of Passenger Digital Information Privacy Concerns in Smart AirportsAlabsi, MI; Gill, AQ
2020-03-12IoT-Enabled Smart Child Safety Digital System ArchitectureMadhuri, M; Gill, AQ; Khan, HU
2020-01-01A Review Towards the Development of Ontology Based Identity and Access Management MetamodelNahar, K; Gill, AQ; Barolli, L; Amato, F; Moscato, F; Enokido, T; Takizawa, M
2020-01-01Big Data Management and Analytics Metamodel for IoT-Enabled Smart BuildingsBashir, MR; Gill, AQ; Beydoun, G; Mccusker, B
2020-01-01A Review of General Data Protection Regulation for Supply Chain EcosystemDasgupta, A; Gill, AQ; Hussain, F
2020-01-01A social engagement framework for the government ecosystem: Insights from australian government facebook pagesAlam, SL; Gill, AQ
2020Analytics-Enabled Adaptive Business Architecture ModelingSrinivas, S; Gill, AQ; Roach, T
2020Big Data Management and Analytics Metamodel for IoT-Enabled Smart Buildings.Bashir, MR; Gill, AQ; Beydoun, G; Mccusker, B
2019-06-01Configuration information system architecture: Insights from applied action design researchGill, AQ; Chew, E
2019-01-01An agile-devops reference architecture for teaching enterprise agileGhantous, GB; Gill, AQ
2018-12-01What Do Software Practitioners Really Think About Software Process Improvement Project Success? An Exploratory StudyNiazi, M; Mishra, A; Gill, AQ
2018-08-31Analytical model for residential predicting energy consumptionMehar, AM; Gill, AQ; Matawie, K
2018-08-30DevOps reference architecture for multi-cloud IOT applicationsGhantous, GB; Gill, AQ
2018-04-01Scaling for agility: A reference model for hybrid traditional-agile software development methodologiesGill, AQ; Henderson-Sellers, B; Niazi, M
2018-03-23IoT enabled smart buildings: A systematic reviewBashir, MR; Gill, AQ
2018-01-01Digital capability dissectedKorhonen, JJ; Gill, AQ
2018-01-01Investigating the relationship between business analysts’ competency and IS requirements elicitation: A thematic-analysis approachBabar, A; Bunker, D; Gill, AQ
2018-01-01A review of information privacy laws and standards for secure digital ecosystemsAnwar, MJ; Gill, AQ; Beydoun, G