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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-01A Reference Architecture for IoT-Enabled Smart BuildingsBashir, MR; Gill, AQ; Beydoun, G
2022-09-01Attributes impacting cybersecurity policy development: An evidence from seven nationsMishra, A; Alzoubi, YI; Anwar, MJ; Gill, AQ
2022-07-01Integrated identity and access management metamodel and pattern system for secure enterprise architectureNahar, K; Gill, AQ
2022-06-01Can Agile Enterprise Architecture be Implemented Successfully in Distributed Agile Development? Empirical FindingsAlzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ
2022-04-05The digital ecosystem information framework: Insights from action design researchGill, AQ
2022-02-01Digitalisation performance assessment: A systematic reviewAlsufyani, N; Gill, AQ
2022-01-11Cybersecurity Enterprises Policies: A Comparative Study.Mishra, A; Alzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ; Anwar, MJ
2022-01-03PESTLE+ risk analysis model to assess pandemic preparedness of digital ecosystemsAnwar, MJ; Gill, AQ; Fitzgibbon, AD; Gull, I
2021-11-19A Review of Digital Maturity Models from Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Perspective: Digital by DesignAlsufyani, N; Gill, AQ
2021-10A regulatory control framework for decentrally governed DLT systems: Action design researchBenedict, G; Gill, AQ
2021-06-01Empirical Investigation of Critical Requirements Engineering Practices for Global Software DevelopmentKhan, HU; Niazi, M; El-Attar, M; Ikram, N; Khan, SU; Gill, AQ
2021-03-01Developing an access control management metamodel for secure digital enterprise architecture modelingNahar, K; Gill, AQ; Roach, T
2021-03-01Can Business Architecture Modeling be Adaptive?Srinivas, S; Gill, AQ; Roach, T
2021-01-01A theory of information trilogy: Digital ecosysteinformation exchange architectureGill, AQ
2021A Review of Passenger Digital Information Privacy Concerns in Smart AirportsAlabsi, MI; Gill, AQ
2021Adaptive architecture and principles for securing the iot systemsGill, AQ; Beydoun, G; Niazi, M; Khan, HU; Barolli, L; Poniszewska-Maranda, A; Park, H
2020-03-12IoT-Enabled Smart Child Safety Digital System ArchitectureMadhuri, M; Gill, AQ; Khan, HU
2020-01-01A Review Towards the Development of Ontology Based Identity and Access Management MetamodelNahar, K; Gill, AQ; Barolli, L; Amato, F; Moscato, F; Enokido, T; Takizawa, M
2020-01-01Big Data Management and Analytics Metamodel for IoT-Enabled Smart BuildingsBashir, MR; Gill, AQ; Beydoun, G; Mccusker, B
2020-01-01A Review of General Data Protection Regulation for Supply Chain EcosystemDasgupta, A; Gill, AQ; Hussain, F