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2018Communal Luxury and the Universal Republic of the Arts: Transcultural Flows of Art PedagogyGiovanangeli, A; Snepvangers, K; Matthewson-Mitchell, D
2018Mentoring students’ intercultural learning during study abroadGiovanangeli, A; Oguro, SG; Harbon, L; Jackson, J; Oguro, S
22-Jun-2017Review Essay (Hervé Tchumkam, Uncanny Citizenship: State Power, Stigmatization, and Youth Resistance Culture in the French Banlieues and Fabien Truong, Jeunesses Françaises. Bac +5 Made in Banlieues).Giovanangeli, A
31-Oct-2016Spaces of Multiplicity: Re-thinking Indigenous Perspectives in Australian Tertiary Education through Altering Teacher Beliefs and PracticesGiovanangeli, A; Snepvangers, K
22-Jul-2016Social aspects of institutional rooftop gardensGhosh, S; Vanni, I; Giovanangeli, A; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, T
9-Jun-2016Describing Undergraduate Students' Intercultural Learning through Study Abroad in Terms of Their ‘Cultural Responsiveness'Oguro, SG; Giovanangeli, A
2-Jan-2016Cultural Responsiveness: a framework for re-thinking students’ interculturality through study abroadGiovanangeli, A; Oguro, S
8-Apr-2015Moving Beyond Intercultural Competence: A Cultural Responsiveness Approach to Study AbroadGiovanangeli, A; Oguro, S
1-Jan-2015'Merguez Capitale': The merguez sausage as a discursive construction of cosmopolitan branding, colonial memory and local flavour in MarseilleGiovanangeli, A
Jan-2013Local French Food Initiatives in Practice: The Emergence of a Social MovementGiovanangeli, A
1-Jan-2012Sustaining the future through virtual worldsGregory, S; Gregory, B; Hillier, M; Jacka, L; Schutt, S; Ellis, D; Stokes-Thompson, F; Wood, D; Masters, Y; Farley, H; Orwin, L; Stupans, I; Scutter, S; Warren, I; Steel, C; Neuendorf, P; Bower, M; Miller, C; Mathews, S; Butler, D; Hearns, M; Garcia, J; Jegathesan, JJ; Brown, R; Meredith, G; Muir-Cochran, E; Flintoff, K; Grant, S; Atkins, C; Gaukrodger, B; Giovanangeli, A; Le Rossignol, K; Larson, I; Cram, A; Linegar, D; Wang, X; Muir, T; Cleland, B; Paillat, E; Grenfell, J; Hay, L; Gu, N; Williams, A; Simoff, S; Bogdanovych, A; McCarthy, A
Jan-2011French Unity and the European Union: The Role of the RegionsGiovanangeli, A; McCormack, J; Pratt, M; Rolls, A
Jan-2009Competing Desires and Realities: Language Policies in the French-Language ClassroomGiovanangeli, A
Jan-2007The Queer Stopover: How Queer Travels in the Language ClassroomDe Vincenti, G; Giovanangeli, A; Ward, RG