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2023-10-18Popular Music and ParentingBrunt, S; Giuffre, L
2023-02-09Kylie Minogue's KylieRenzo, A; Giuffre, L
2022-08-23Popular Music and Parenting Engagement through Digital DistributionBluey Case StudyGiuffre, L
2022-08-23Children, Parenting and Music MediaGiuffre, L
2022-08-23Future Directions for Popular Music and ParentingBrunt, S; Giuffre, L
2022-08-23There Is No Such Thing as Children's MusicGiuffre, L
2022-08-23Starting the Conversation about Popular Music and ParentingBrunt, S; Giuffre, L
2022-08-23Songs about Parent/Carer and Child RelationshipsGiuffre, L
2022-04-01Lessons on popular music form, creation and reception through the Song Exploder podcastGiuffre, L
2022-03An Incomplete History of Community Radio 2SER's 46 Boxes of StuffGiuffre, L; Romeo, D
2021-04-27The musical in Australia: Moving minorities into the mainstreamGiuffre, L
2021-01-02Handwashing Hits – Getting Cross-Generational Listeners to Rock during the PandemicGiuffre, L
2021Bluey, Requestival, Play School and ME@Home: the ABC (Kids) of communication cultures during lockdownGiuffre, L
2021From Nanette to Nanettflix–Hannah Gadsby’s challenge to existing comedy conventionGiuffre, L
2018-05-04A Tale of Two Tributes: Bowie Remembered at the Grammys and the Brit AwardsNelligan, K; Giuffre, L
2018-01-01Still Rage-ing: Australia's music video programme at 30Giuffre, L
2017-01-01Introduction: Music in comedy televisionGiuffre, L
2017Sketching Out Portlandia's Musical LayersDriver, E; Attfield, SJ; Giuffre, L
2014-12-05#IsItOk to be a celebrity (Disabled) comedian? Approaching disability with Adam Hills's television programme, the last legGiuffre, L
2014-09-15SBS pop Asia non-stop k-pop in AustraliaGiuffre, L; Keith, S