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2022-04-26Equal Access to Public Aquatic Facilities – Guidance for Local Councils, Facility Managers and the Aquatic SectorGoldblatt, B
2021-11-18Introduction: Situating the Right to Continuous Improvement of Living Conditions and Considering its Interpretations and ApplicationsHohmann, J; Goldblatt, B; Hohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-11-18Sources for a Nascent Interpretation of the Right to Continuous Improvement of Living Conditions: The Travaux Préparatoires and the Work of the CESCRHohmann, J; Hohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-11-18The Right to the Continuous Improvement of Living Conditions Responding to Complex Global ChallengesHohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-11-08Disposable Menstrual Products as Law's ObjectsGoldblatt, B; Steele, L
2021-10-21The Work of Living: Social Reproduction and the Right to the Continuous Improvement of Living ConditionsGoldblatt, B; Hohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-08-31Economic Inequality and the Right to Social Security: Contested Meanings and Potential RolesGoldblatt, B; MacNaughton, G; Frey, D; Porter, C
2021IntroductionHohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2020-08-03Engaging with Law’s Menstrual MomentSteele, L; Goldblatt, B
2020-05-08Introduction to the themed section: law, harm and depletion through social reproductionRai, S; Goldblatt, B
2020-04-01The Human Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities: Sterilization and Other Coercive Responses to MenstruationSteele, L; Goldblatt, B; Bobel, C; Fahs, B; Hasson, K-A; Kissling, E; Roberts, T-A; Winkler, I
2020-03-10Remedying depletion through social reproduction: a critical engagement with the United Nations’ business and human rights frameworkGoldblatt, B; Rai, S
2019-10-30Bloody unfair: Inequality related to menstruation – considering the role of discrimination lawGoldblatt, B; Steele, L
2019-05-01Violence against women and social and economic rights: deepening the connectionsGoldblatt, B; Rimmer, SH; Ogg, K
2019-04-03Social and economic rights to challenge violence against women – examining and extending strategiesGoldblatt, B
2018-12-01Recognizing the Full Costs of Care? Compensation for Families in South Africa’s Silicosis Class ActionGoldblatt, B; Rai, SM
2017-05-04Claiming women’s social and economic rights in AustraliaGoldblatt, B
2017-01-01Constitutional approaches to gender and social and economic rightsGoldblatt, B
2015-11-01Intersectionality in international anti-discrimination law: addressing poverty in its complexityGoldblatt, B
2014-10-01Testing Women's Right to Social Security in Australia: A Poor ScoreGoldblatt, BA; Goldblatt, B; Lamarche, L