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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01Dual-track Spatio-temporal Learning for Urban Flow Prediction with Adaptive NormalizationLi, X; Gong, Y; Liu, W; Yin, Y; Zheng, Y; Nie, L
2023-06-01A comprehensive survey on applications of AI technologies to failure analysis of industrial systemsBi, S; Wang, C; Wu, B; Hu, S; Huang, W; Ni, W; Gong, Y; Wang, X
2023-01-01Ferrous sulfide nanoparticles control mercury speciation and bioavailability to methylating bacteria in contaminated groundwater: Impacts of mercury speciesGong, Y; Yin, J; Zhang, T; Yin, W; Sun, L; Liang, Q; Wang, Q
2023-01-01Missingness-Pattern-Adaptive Learning With Incomplete DataGong, Y; Li, Z; Liu, W; Lu, X; Liu, X; Tsang, IW; Yin, Y
2023-01-01Semantic-Preserving Adversarial Text AttacksYang, X; Gong, Y; Liu, W; Bailey, J; Tao, D; Liu, W
2023-01-01Modeling Multiple Aesthetic Views for Series Photo SelectionHuang, J; Gong, Y; Zhang, L; Zhang, J; Nie, L; Yin, Y
2023-01-01A Novel RFID Localization Approach to Smart Self-Service Borrowing and Returning SystemBi, S; Wang, C; Shen, J; Xiang, W; Ni, W; Wang, X; Wu, B; Gong, Y
2022-09-01Jump-robust testing of volatility functions in continuous time modelsChen, Q; Xu, W; Gong, Y
2022-09-01Determinants of dynamic dependence between the crude oil and tanker freight markets: A mixed-frequency data sampling copula modelShi, W; Gong, Y; Yin, J; Nguyen, S; Liu, Q
2022-05-01EPU spillovers and stock return predictability: A cross-country studyGong, Y; He, Z; Xue, W
2022-05-01Exchange rate dependence and economic fundamentals: A Copula-MIDAS approachGong, Y; Ma, C; Chen, Q
2022-03-01A Multi-Intersection Vehicular Cooperative Control Based on End-Edge-Cloud ComputingJiang, M; Wu, T; Wang, Z; Gong, Y; Zhang, L; Liu, RP
2022-01-01Regularized Two Granularity Loss Function for Weakly Supervised Video Moment RetrievalTeng, J; Lu, X; Gong, Y; Liu, X; Nie, X; Yin, Y
2022-01-01Series Photo Selection via Multi-View Graph LearningHuang, J; Zhang, L; Gong, Y; Zhang, J; Nie, X; Yin, Y
2022-01-01Aggregation of carboxyl-modified polystyrene nanoplastics in water with aluminum chloride: Structural characterization and theoretical calculation.Gong, Y; Bai, Y; Zhao, D; Wang, Q
2021-12-03An ultrathin rechargeable solid-state zinc ion fiber battery for electronic textiles.Xiao, X; Xiao, X; Zhou, Y; Zhao, X; Chen, G; Liu, Z; Wang, Z; Lu, C; Hu, M; Nashalian, A; Shen, S; Xie, K; Yang, W; Gong, Y; Ding, W; Servati, P; Han, C; Dou, SX; Li, W; Chen, J
2021-12-01Microplastics deteriorate the removal efficiency of antibiotic resistance genes during aerobic sludge digestion.Zhang, Z; Liu, H; Wen, H; Gao, L; Gong, Y; Guo, W; Wang, Z; Li, X; Wang, Q
2021-11-05Molecular design in drug discovery: a comprehensive review of deep generative models.Cheng, Y; Gong, Y; Liu, Y; Song, B; Zou, Q
2021-10-17Inferring the Importance of Product Appearance with Semi-supervised Multi-modal Enhancement: A Step towards the Screenless RetailingGong, Y; Yi, J; Chen, DD; Zhang, J; Zhou, J; Zhou, Z
2021-08-01Nonlinear MIMO for Industrial Internet of Things in Cyber-Physical SystemsGong, Y; Zhang, L; Liu, R; Yu, K; Srivastava, G