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2019-11Heat in the Streets: Mapping the Lived Experience of Heat Stress of Climate-exposed Workers Towards Developing a Thriving and Resilient CityBiloria, N; Goodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; pakdel, P; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L
2019-08-21Counting the Uncounted: Contestations over casualisation data in Australian UniversitiesDados, N; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K; Evans, J; Ruane, S; Southall, H
2019-07-14Heat Stress and On-Demand Work: The Experience of Food Delivery and Courier CyclistsGoodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L; Biloria, NM; pakdel, P
2019Climate technology and climate justice: energy transitions in Germany, India and AustraliaGoodman, J; Ghosh, D; Morton, T; Jafry, T
2018-11-01Problems of methodology and method in climate and energy research: Socialising climate change?Goodman, J; Marshall, JP
2018-11-01Researching climate crisis and energy transitions: Some issues for ethnographyGoodman, J
2018-02-09Towards a ‘worker/citizen science’ model: a qualitative investigation of workplace heat stress and climate changeda Rimini, F; Goodman, J; Humphrys, ET; Thomas, L
2018-01-01Contesting accusations of ‘foreign interference’: The New Agenda for Australian civil societyGoodman, J
2018-01-01Scholarly Teaching Fellows: Drivers and (Early) OutcomesBroadbent, K; Brown, T; Goodman, J; Wache, D; Houston, D
2017-12-01Extreme Heat and MigrationChazalnoël, MT; Mach, E; Ionesco, D; Goodman, J; Kjellstrom, T; Lemke, B; Otto, M; Briggs, D; Zander, K
2017-11-01Theorizing alternatives to capital: Towards a critical cosmopolitanist framework<sup>1</sup>Gills, BK; Goodman, J; Hosseini, SAH
2017-07-29Toward Transversal Cosmopolitanism: Understanding Alternative Praxes in the Global Field of Transformative MovementsHosseini, SAH; Gills, BK; Goodman, J
2017-03-01Social Movement Participation and Climate ChangeGoodman, J; Van Storch, H; Beck, S
2016-12-01The ‘climate dialectic’ in energy policy: Germany and India comparedGoodman, J
2016-12-01Coal, climate and development: Comparative perspectivesGoodman, J; Marshall, JP; Pearse, R
2016-11-30Afghanistan: Military Occupation and EthnocracyGoodman, J; Razi, W
2016-11-01Australia’s "New Aid Paradigm": Beyond ODA?Goodman, J; Hilton, M; Tomlinson, B
2015-08-27From sociological imagination to 'ecological imagination': Another future is possibleSalleh, A; Goodman, J; Hosseini, SAH
2015-04-17Disorder and the Disinformation Society: The Social Dynamics of Information, Networks and SoftwareMarshall, JP; Goodman, J; Zowghi, D; da Rimini, F
2015-01-01Slowing Uranium in Australia: Lessons for urgent transition beyond coal, gas, and oilGoodman, J; Rosewarne, S