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2022-06Association of dietary risks, behavioural and lifestyle factors, and the magnitude of disability burden among Australian cancer patients: An observational epidemiology studyMahumud, RA; Sultana, M; Gow, J; Rahman, MA; Uddin, KF; Kamal, M; Alam, K; Dawson, A; Law, CK
2021-12Measuring the intensive care experience: A cross-sectional survey of patient and family experiences of critical care.Williams, H; Gow, J; Rana, R; Rouse, A; Chinthamuneedi, M; Beccaria, G; Ralph, N
2021-01-07Economic evaluation of alternative testing regimes and settings to detect undiagnosed HIV in Australia.Williams, OD; Dean, JA; Crothers, A; Gilks, CF; Gow, J
2021Obesity, Disability and Self-Perceived Health Outcomes in Australian Adults: A Longitudinal Analysis Using 14 Annual Waves of the HILDA Cohort.Keramat, SA; Alam, K; Ahinkorah, BO; Islam, MS; Islam, MI; Hossain, MZ; Ahmed, S; Gow, J; Biddle, SJH
2020-08-01Costs of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia in Australia: A cost-of-illness studyRalph, N; Gow, J; Conway, A; Duff, J; Edward, KL; Alexander, K; Bräuer, A
2020-07-03Globalisation, poverty and corruption: Retarding progress in South AfricaSalahuddin, M; Vink, N; Ralph, N; Gow, J
2020-01-01Effects of economic growth, foreign direct investment and internet use on child health outcomes: empirical evidence from South AfricaSalahuddin, M; Vink, N; Ralph, N; Gow, J
2012-09-01Managing the costs of HIV/AIDS: A case study of a South African contract cleaning companyGow, J; George, G; Grant, B
2012-01Socio-economic characteristics of HIV in a South African prisonGow, J; Grant, BJ; Colvin, M
2011-08-24Human-resources strategies for managing HIV/AIDS: The case of the South African forestry industryGow, J; Grant, B
2011-03-01Local democracy and local government efficiency: The case of elected executives in australian local governmentGrant, B; Dollery, B; Gow, J
2010-01Grape-grubbers: The case against wine industry re-regulationGow, J; Grant, BJ