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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2017A Comparison of Bidding Strategies for Online Auctions Using Fuzzy Reasoning and Negotiation Decision FunctionsKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
30-Jun-2016Elastic Extension Tables for Multi-tenant Cloud ApllicationsYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jun-2016Ensemble feature learning of genomic data using support vector machineAnaissi, A; Goyal, M; Catchpoole, DR; Braytee, A; Kennedy, PJ
20-May-2016SVM-based association rules for knowledge discovery and classificationAnaissi, A; Goyal, M
1-Jan-2015A proxy service for multi-tenant elastic extension tablesYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2014Multi-tenant elastic extension tables data managementYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the performance of multi-tenant Elastic Extension TablesYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
1-Dec-2013Multi-tenant database access controlYaish, H; Goyal, M
1-Dec-2013A multi-tenant database architecture design for software applicationsYaish, H; Goyal, M
22-Oct-2013Proxy service for multi-tenant database accessYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
27-Aug-2013A balanced iterative random forest for gene selection from microarray dataAnaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ; Goyal, M; Catchpoole, DR
19-Nov-2012Price forecasting using dynamic assessment of market conditions and agent's bidding behaviorKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
1-Nov-2012An Integrated Model for a Price Forecasting Agent in Online AuctionsKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
16-Aug-2012A novel multi-tenant architecture design for software as a service applicationsYaish, H; Goyal, M; Feuerlicht, G
28-Mar-2012A fuzzy attitude based bidding strategy in continuous double auctionsGoyal, M; Ma, J
1-Jan-2012Pricing analysis in online auctions using clustering and regression tree approachKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
31-Dec-2010A framework for high dimensional data reduction in the microarray domainGoyal, M
13-Dec-2010Using fuzzy set approach in multi-attribute automated auctionsGoyal, M; Kaushik, S
1-Dec-2007Using agent's commitments for multi-agent problem solvingGoyal, M
1-Dec-2006A framework of coalition in hostile dynamic settingsGoyal, M