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30-Jan-2017The ALRC Freedoms Inquiry, real property and environmental lawGraham, NG
1-Aug-2016Property and place attachment: a legal geographical analysis of biodiversity law reform in New South WalesBartel, R; Graham, NG
17-Nov-2014Tensions between public environmental regulation and private property interests: the case of land clearing in New South WalesGraham, NG
4-Sep-2014The Placelessness of Property, Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage Law in the Australian Legal Landscape: Engaging Cultural LandscapesBowrey, K; Graham, NG
Jan-2013Legal geography: An Australian perspectiveBartel, R; Graham, NG; Jackson, S; Prior, JH; Robinson, DF; Sherval, M; Williams, S
Jan-2013'Missing the Connection: How SRLU Policy fragments landscapes and communities in NSW'Sherval, M; Graham, NG
Jan-2012Dephysicalisation and entitlement: legal and cultural discourses of place as propertyGraham, NG; Jessup, B; Rubenstein, K
Jan-2011Property and Adaptation: The Question of Coastal ErosionGraham, NG; Carruthers, P; Mascher, S; Skead, N
Jan-2011The Mythology of Environmental MarketsGraham, NG; Grinlinton, D; Taylor, P
Jan-2011Owning the EarthGraham, NG; Burdon Peter
Jan-2011Lawscape: Property, Environment, LawGraham, NG
Jan-2009Restoring the 'Real' to Real Property Law: A Return to Blackstone?Graham, NG; Wilfred Prest
Jan-2009Indigenous Property Matters in Real Property Courses at Australian UniversitiesGraham, NG