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2020-12-02Human retrosplenial theta and alpha modulation in active spatial navigationDo, T-TN; Lin, C-T; Gramann, K
2020-11-19The Impact of Hand Movement Velocity on Cognitive Conflict Processing in a 3D Object Selection Task in Virtual Reality.Singh, AK; Gramann, K; Chen, H-T; Lin, C-T
2020-10-31A three-armed cognitive-motor exercise intervention to increase spatial orientation and life-space mobility in nursing home residents: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial in the PROfit project.Wollesen, B; Fricke, M; Jansen, C-P; Gordt, K; Schwenk, M; Muehlbauer, T; Morawietz, C; Kruse, A; Gramann, K
2020-01-01Intra-individual Completion Time Modulates the Prediction Error Negativity in a Virtual 3D Object Selection TaskSingh, AK; Chen, HT; Gramann, K; Lin, CT
2019-10Overcoming Spatial Deskilling Using Landmark-Based Navigation Assistance SystemsWunderlich, A; Gramann, K
2019-05-16Extracting Motion-Related Subspaces from EEG in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Studies using Source Power ComodulationGehrke, L; Guerdan, L; Gramann, K
2019-05-02Detecting Visuo-Haptic Mismatches in Virtual Reality using the Prediction Error Negativity of Event-Related Brain PotentialsGehrke, L; Akman, S; Lopes, P; Chen, A; Singh, AK; Chen, HT; Lin, CT; Gramann, K
2019-03-01User-centered extension of a locomotion typology: Movement-related sensory feedback and spatial learningWienrich, C; Dollinger, N; Kock, S; Gramann, K
2019-02-24A Bayesian framework for unifying data cleaning, source separation and imaging of electroencephalographic signalsOjeda, A; Klug, M; Kreutz-Delgado, K; Gramann, K; Mishra, J
2019-01-14Sensory-motor brain dynamics reflect architectural affordancesDjebbara, Z; Fich, LB; Petrini, L; Gramann, K
2019-01-01Emotional evaluation of architectural interior forms based on personality differences using virtual realityBanaei, M; Ahmadi, A; Gramann, K; Hatami, J
2019-01-01Sensorimotor brain dynamics reflect architectural affordancesDjebbara, Z; Fich, LB; Petrini, L; Gramann, K
2018-11-23Investigating established EEG parameter during real-world drivingProtzak, J; Gramann, K
2018-11-01SEREEGA: Simulating event-related EEG activityKrol, LR; Pawlitzki, J; Lotte, F; Gramann, K; Zander, TO
2018-05-18SEREEGA: Simulating Event-Related EEG ActivityKrol, L; Pawlitzki, J; Lotte, F; Gramann, K; Zander, T
2018-05-04Visual Appearance Modulates Prediction Error in Virtual RealitySingh, AK; Chen, HT; Cheng, YF; King, JT; Ko, LW; Gramann, K; Lin, CT
2018-03-13Electrocortical Evidence for Long-Term Incidental Spatial Learning Through Modified Navigation InstructionsWunderlich, A; Gramann, K
2018-01-15Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integrationLin, CT; Chiu, TC; Wang, YK; Chuang, CH; Gramann, K
2018-01-01Electrocortical evidence for long-term incidental spatial learning through modified navigation instructionsWunderlich, A; Gramann, K
2018-01-01The invisible maze task (IMT): Interactive exploration of sparse virtual environments to investigate action-driven formation of spatial representationsGehrke, L; Iversen, JR; Makeig, S; Gramann, K