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2021-01-01The Particular Applicability of Public Value Creation to Local GovernmentGrant, B
2020-03-19Legislating deliberative engagement: Is local government in Victoria willing and able?Savini, E; Grant, B
2020-02-01Global city SydneyVogel, RK; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B; Meng, X; Walsh, P; Morris, A; Riedy, C
2019-12-23Carbon price impacts on the Chinese tourism industryMeng, S; Tien, P; Dwyer, L; Grant, B
2019-01-01Outsourcing local democracy? Evidence for and implications of the commercialisation of community engagement in Australian local governmentChristensen, HE; Grant, B
2018-12-05Party politics and local government in Australia: Stability, change and implications for Australia’s polityDewhurst, C; Grant, B; Huuskes, L
2018-10-24Research in Ethical Issues in Organisations Volume 20: Applied Ethics in the Fractured StateGrant, B; Drew, J; Christensen, H
2018-06-03Metropolitan Governance in Asia and the Pacific Rim Borders, Challenges, FuturesGrant, B; Liu, CY; Le, Y; Grant, BJ; Liu, CY; Ye, L
2018-03-01The rock band KISS and American dream ideologyJames, K; Briggs, SP; Grant, B
2018-01-01Introduction: Applied ethics in the fractured stateGrant, B; Drew, J; Christensen, HE
2018-01-01The rise of right-populism: Pauline hanson’s one nation and Australian politicsGrant, B; Moore, T; Lynch, T
2018-01-01Natural law, non-voluntary euthanasia, and public policyDrew, J; Grant, B
2018Bordering Practices in Global Sydney: Becoming a City-Region or a “Metropolis of Three Cities”?Pham, KC; Grant, B; Yang Liu, C; Ye, L
2017-07-01Re-evaluating local government amalgamations: Utility maximisation meets the principle of double effect (PDE)Drew, J; Grant, B; Fisher, J
2017-06-23Natural Law, the Principle of Double Effect, Non-Voluntary Euthanasia and Public PolicyDrew, J; Grant, B
2017-06-01Means, Motive, and Opportunity – Local Government Data Distortion in a High-Stakes EnvironmentDrew, J; Grant, B
2017-04-03Home, James, and don’t spare the horses: the inevitability of a second Sydney casinoPham, K; Grant, B
2017-01-02Multiple agents, blame games and public policy-making: the case of local government reform in New South WalesDrew, J; Grant, B
2017-01-01Combining amenity with experience: exploring the hidden capital of a winescape experienceMcFarlane, J; Grant, B; Blackwell, B; Mounter, S
2017-01-01Directly elected mayors in urban governance: impact and practiceGrant, B