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1-Jul-2018Performing what? Exploring and expanding the notion of synecdoche in performance management practice (in print)Drew, J; O'Flynn, J; Grant, BJ
1-Mar-2018The Rock Band KISS and American Dream IdeologyJames, K; Briggs, SP; Grant, BJ
11-Sep-2017Directly elected mayors in urban governance: impact and practice, edited by David Sweeting, Bristol, Policy Press, Published 15 March 2017, 1+296 pp., £75.00 (hbk), ISBN: 978-14473027011Grant, BJ
9-Jul-2017Re-evaluating local government amalgamations: Utility maximisation meets the Principle of Double Effect (PDE)Drew, J; Grant, BJ; Fisher, J
1-Jul-2017Subsidiarity: More than a principle of decentralization – A view from local governmentDrew, J; Grant, BJ
1-Jun-2017Means, motive and opportunity: Distortion of public policy-making performance management dataDrew, J; Grant, BJ
1-May-2017TokenismGrant, BJ; Moghaddam, FM
14-Mar-2017The role of internal auditing in corporate governance: a Foucauldian analysisMihret, D; Grant, BJ
13-Mar-2017Local Government in Australia: History, Theory and Public PolicyGrant, BJ; Drew, J
13-Mar-2017Local Government in Australia: History, Theory and Public PolicyGrant, BJ; Drew, J
1-Mar-2017978-981-10-3865-5Grant, BJ; Drew, J
1-Mar-2017Combining amenity with experience: Exploring the hidden capital of a winescape experienceMcFarlane, J; Grant, BJ; Blackwell, B; Mounter, S
16-Feb-2017Multiple agents, blame games and public policy-making: The case of local government reform in New South WalesDrew, J; Grant, BJ
30-Jan-2017The thawing continent: The changing role of local government in a people's federationGrant, BJ; Drew, J; Bruerton, M; Hollander, R; Arklay, T; Levy, R
2017"Home, James, and don't spare the horses": The inevitability of a second Sydney casinoPham, K; Grant, BJ
11-Dec-2016Participatory budgeting in Australian local government: An initial assessment and critical issuesChristensen, H; Grant, BJ
1-Dec-2016Subnational Finance in Australia and China: The Case for Municipal Bond BanksGrant, BJ; Woods, R; Tan, S; Schoburgh, S; Ryan, R
7-Sep-2016Reforming Australia's fiscal federalism: Should municipal bond banks play a greater role?Grant, BJ; Woods, R
6-Sep-2016Industry Clusters and Food Value Chains: Can the Literature on Local Collective Failure be used as a Guide for Assessing and Overcoming Value Chain Failure?Mounter, S; Fleming, E; Griffith, G; Grant, BJ
29-May-2016Local governance and regional development: An introduction to the Special Edition of AJRS and strategic directions for researchGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Martin, J