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2018-07-01Performing what? Exploring and expanding the notion of synecdoche in performance management practice.Drew, J; O'Flynn, J; Grant, BJ
2018-06-03Metropolitan Governance in Asia and the Pacific Rim Borders, Challenges, FuturesGrant, B; Liu, CY; Le, Y; Grant, BJ; Liu, CY; Ye, L
2017-05-01TokenismGrant, BJ; Moghaddam, FM
2017-03-13Local Government in Australia: History, Theory and Public PolicyGrant, BJ; Drew, J
2017-01-30The thawing continent: The changing role of local government in a people's federationGrant, BJ; Drew, J; Bruerton, M; Hollander, R; Arklay, T; Levy, R
2016-12-01Subnational Finance in Australia and China: The Case for Municipal Bond BanksGrant, BJ; Woods, R; Tan, S; Schoburgh, S; Ryan, R
2016-09-06Industry Clusters and Food Value Chains: Can the Literature on Local Collective Failure be used as a Guide for Assessing and Overcoming Value Chain Failure?Mounter, S; Fleming, E; Griffith, G; Grant, BJ
2016-03-01From agriculture to mining: The changing economic base of a rural economy and implications for developmentMcFarlane, JA; Blackwell, BD; Mounter, SW; Grant, BJ
2016-02-19Book review: Perspectives on Australian Local Government Reform edited by Brian Dollery and Ian TileyGrant, BJ
2015-12-07A critical note on local government ‘failure’ in Australian local governmentWoods, R; Grant, BJ; Kriesler, P
2015-12-07Reforming ‘Sydney global city’: Mapping enduring sites of institutional conflictGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Kriesler, P
2015-10-01Developing the virtuous self in an online MBA: Reflections on instruments and processesDalton, V; Grant, BJ; Smith-Ruig, T; Hempsall, K
2015-08-01'Bad teacher? Using films as texts when teaching business ethics: Exploring the issues'Fisher, J; Grant, BJ; Palmer, D
2015-01-01Institutional vehicles for place-shaping in remote AustraliaBlackwell, BD; Dollery, B; Grant, BJ
2014-12Good capital? Examples of successful municipal bond banking and implications for Australian public policyGrant, BJ; Woods, R; Chester, L; Kriesler, P
2014-10-01Public Value Background Summary PaperGrant, BJ; Tan, S-F; Ryan, R; Nesbitt, R
2014-04-01Can we explain variations in winery ratings in Victoria?Grant, BJ; Fleming, E; Mounter, S
2014'I Was Made For Loving You': 'KISS' as Perpetual Capitalist Entertainment ProductJames, K; Grant, BJ
2014Old foes: Structural change and local democracy in Australian local government’Grant, BJ; Dollery, B
2013-01-01Singapore's Opposition Community - Grassroots Activists in the Concrete JungleJames, K; Grant, BJ; Sim-Leung, JK