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1-Sep-2016REM: A Collaborative Framework for Building Indigenous Cultural CompetenceGray, J; Jackson, D
1-Jan-2015Managerial Sharing, Mutual Fund Connections, and PerformanceCasavecchia, L; Gray, J
Jan-2014Lessons Learnt from Educating University Students through a Trans-Disciplinary Project for Sustainable Sanitation Using a Systems Approach and Problem-Based LearningGray, J; Williams, J; Hagare, P; Lopes, AM; Sankaran, S
1-Jan-2013Students' perceptions of the follow-through experience in 3 year bachelor of midwifery programmes in AustraliaGray, J; Leap, N; Sheehy, A; Homer, CSE
1-Jan-2013Working together to make Indigenous health care curricula everybody's business: A graduate attribute teaching innovation reportVirdun, C; Gray, J; Sherwood, J; Power, T; Phillips, A; Parker, N; Jackson, D
Jan-2013Why do investors favor active Management ... to the extent they do?Bird, R; Gray, J; Scotti, M
1-Dec-2012Utilizing experience-based co-design to improve the experience of patients accessing emergency departments in New South Wales public hospitals: An evaluation studyPiper, D; Iedema, R; Gray, J; Verma, R; Holmes, L; Manning, N
17-Sep-2012Misadventures of An Irresponsible InvestorGray, J
Jan-2012Organization Theory, Power and Changing InstitutionsClegg, SR; Gray, J; Boje, DM; Burnes, B; Hassard, J
1-Dec-2011A Brief Critical Review of Australia's Retirement Savings SystemGray, J; Bird, RG
21-Sep-2011Buttoning Up Australian SuperannuationGray, J; Watson, B
1-Aug-2011Same...same but different: Expectations of graduates from two midwifery education courses in AustraliaGray, J; Smith, R; Fenwick, J; Homer, CS
Jan-2010Closing the loop: A systems thinking led sustainable sanitation project in AustraliaSankaran, S; Abeysuriya, K; Gray, J; Kachenko, A; Wilby, J
Jan-2009Improving pension management and delivery: An (im)modest and likely (un)popular proposalBird, R; Gray, J
Jan-2009Rethinking investment beliefs in a time of crisis: The calming hand of philosophyGray, J
Jan-2002Is Native Title A Proprietary RightGray, J