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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018A structural Markov property for decomposable graph laws that allows control of clique intersectionsGreen, PJ; Thomas, A
1-May-2017Paternity testing and other inference about relationships from DNA mixturesGreen, PJ; Mortera, J
27-Nov-2015MAD-Bayes matching and alignment for labelled and unlabelled configurationsGreen, PJ
26-Jul-2015Bayesian computation: a summary of the current state, and samples backwards and forwardsGreen, PJ; Łatuszyński, K; Pereyra, M; Robert, CP
Jan-2015Discussion of "Analysis of forensic DNA mixtures with artefacts"Green, PJ
1-Oct-2014The Bernstein-von Mises theorem and nonregular modelsBochkina, NA; Green, PJ
1-Aug-2013Discussion of 'Beyond mean regression'Green, PJ
1-Mar-2013Sampling decomposable graphs using a Markov chain on junction treesGreen, PJ; Thomas, A
1-Jan-2013LOGICOIL - Multi-state prediction of coiled-coil oligomeric stateVincent, TL; Green, PJ; Woolfson, DN
1-Aug-2012Model choice using reversible jump Markov chain Monte CarloHastie, DI; Green, PJ
1-Sep-2011A Graphical Diagnostic for Identifying Influential Model Choices in Bayesian Hierarchical ModelsScheel, I; Green, PJ; Rougier, JC
1-Jul-2011SCORER 2.0: An algorithm for distinguishing parallel dimeric and trimeric coiled-coil sequencesArmstrong, CT; Vincent, TL; Green, PJ; Woolfson, DN
1-Jan-2010Bayesian modelling for matching and alignment of biomoleculesGreen, PJ; Mardia, KV; Nyirongo, VB; Ruffieux, Y; O'Hagan, A; West, M
2010Colouring and breaking sticks: random distributions and heterogeneous clusteringGreen, PJ; Bingham, NH; Goldie, CM
28-Dec-2009Enumerating the junction trees of a decomposable graphThomas, A; Green, PJ
1-Dec-2009Filtering of deep sequencing data reveals the existence of abundant Dicer-dependent small RNAs derived from tRNAsCole, C; Sobala, A; Lu, C; Thatcher, SR; Bowman, A; Brown, JWS; Green, PJ; Barton, GJ; Hutvagner, G
1-Mar-2009Sensitivity of inferences in forensic genetics to assumptions about founding genesGreen, PJ; Mortera, J
15-Feb-2009Enumerating the decomposable neighbors of a decomposable graph under a simple perturbation schemeThomas, A; Green, PJ
1-Jan-2009Alignment of multiple configurations using hierarchical modelsRuffieux, Y; Green, PJ
1-Sep-2008A Bayesian hierarchical model for photometric red shiftsHurn, M; Green, PJ; Al-Awadhi, F