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2015-04-30The Mathematics Problem and Mastery Learning for First-Year, Undergraduate STEM StudentsGroen, L; Coupland, M; Langtry, T; Memar, J; Moore, BJ; Stanley, J
2015-01-01Mastery learning to address the assumed mathematics knowledge gap, encourage learning and reflection, and future-proof academic performanceGroen, L; Coupland, M; Memar, J; Langtry, T
2013-01Are science students ready for university mathematics?Groen, L; Beames, SY; Coupland, MP; Stanley, J; Bush, S; Hewitt, DP; University, TAN; Canberra
2011-01-01Interacting psycho-economics expectations ratios with equity/debt realities suggests a crisis warning methodThornton, B; Thornton-Benko, E; Groen, L
2010-11-25Optimal location of tsunami warning buoys and sea level monitoring stations in the mediterranean seaGroen, L; Joseph, A; Black, E; Menictas, M; Tam, W; Gabor, M
2010-05-01Optimising the location of tsunami detection buoys and sea-level monitors in the Indian OceanGroen, L; Botten, L; Blazek, K
2010-01Strategic positioning of Tsunami detection buoys in the Caribbean SeaGroen, L; Selvadurai, JN
2007-01Meeting expectations - a focus of professional practice in an final year undergraduate mathematics courseGroen, L; Hugman, A
2006-01Enhancing learning and measuring learning outcomes in mathematics using online assessmentGroen, L; Johnston, I; Peat, M
2005-01Blended learning in a first year mathematics subjectGroen, L; Carmody Jones, G; Johnson, I; Peat, M
2005-01Changes in product quality and consumer responsesGroen, L; Caccetta, L; Rehbock, V
-What is mastered in Mastery Learning?Groen, L; Coupland, M; Manuel, K