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2023-09-28Junior parkrun pilot in Australia: A real world evaluation.Mathieu, E; Grunseit, AC; Foley, BC; Reece, LJ
2023-04-27Are Perceptions of Government Intervention Related to Support for Prevention? An Australian Survey Study.Grunseit, AC; Howse, E; Williams, J; Bauman, AE
2022-10-04Designing physical activity interventions for women aged 50+: a qualitative study of participant perspectives.Wallbank, G; Haynes, A; Tiedemann, A; Sherrington, C; Grunseit, AC
2022-09-19Instabrand courtside: a content analysis of marketing strategies by food and beverage brands during the 2021 Australian Open tennis tournament.Eisenhauer, B; Freeman, B; Grunseit, AC
2022-03-30Co-Produce, Co-Design, Co-Create, or Co-Construct-Who Does It and How Is It Done in Chronic Disease Prevention? A Scoping Review.McGill, B; Corbett, L; Grunseit, AC; Irving, M; O'Hara, BJ
2021-11-15Changes in Australian community perceptions of non-communicable disease prevention: a greater role for government?Grunseit, AC; Howse, E; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Mitchell, J; Bauman, AE
2021-03-10Meal replacement soups and shakes: do they have a place in public health practice to manage weight loss?McGill, B; Grunseit, AC; Phongsavan, P; Harper, C; O'Hara, BJ
2020-12Are perceptions of government intervention for prevention different by gender and age? Results from the AUStralian Perceptions Of Prevention Survey (AUSPOPS).Howse, E; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Freeman, B; Bauman, A; Grunseit, AC
2017-09-01Cardiac patients’ experiences and perceptions of social media: mixed-methods studyPartridge, SR; Grunseit, AC; Gallagher, P; Freeman, B; O'Hara, BJ; Neubeck, L; Due, S; Paull, G; Ding, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Roach, K; Sadler, L; Glinatsis, H; Gallagher, R
2015-01-01Out of sight and out of mind? Evaluating the impact of point-of-sale tobacco display bans on smoking-related beliefs and behaviors in a sample of australian adolescents and young adultsDunlop, S; Kite, J; Grunseit, AC; Rissel, C; Perez, DA; Dessaix, A; Cotter, T; Bauman, A; Young, J; Currow, D