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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Scheduling Trains Maintenance Under UncertaintyGu, H; Lam, HC
2019-10-07Signaling effects and the role of culture: movies in international auxiliary channelsSinha, A; Gu, H; Kim, N; Emile, R
2019-09-01A genetic algorithm for assigning train arrival dates at a maintenance centreGu, H; Joyce, M; Lam, HC; Woods, M; Zinder, Y
2019-09-01Improved Lagrangian relaxation based optimization procedure for scheduling with storageGu, H; Memar, J; Zinder, Y
2019-01-01Lagrangian Relaxation in Iterated Local Search for the Workforce Scheduling and Routing ProblemGu, H; Zhang, Y; Zinder, Y
2018-09-01Efficient Lagrangian heuristics for the two-stage flow shop with job dependent buffer requirementsGu, H; Kononov, A; Memar, J; Zinder, Y
2018-03-29Lagrangian relaxation versus genetic algorithm based metaheuristic for a large partitioning problemCzibula, OG; Gu, H; Zinder, Y
2018-01-01Efficient lagrangian heuristics for the two-stage flow shop with job dependent buffer requirementsGu, H; Memar, J; Zinder, Y
2018-01-01Scheduling batch processing in flexible flowshop with job dependent buffer requirements: Lagrangian relaxation approachGu, H; Memar, J; Zinder, Y
2018-01-01Search Strategies for Problems with Detectable Boundaries and Restricted Level SetsGu, H; Memar, J; Zinder, Y; Sarker, R; Abbass, HA; Dunstall, S; Kilby, P; Davis, R; Young, L
2017-05-01A multi-stage IP-based heuristic for class timetabling and trainer rosteringCzibula, O; Gu, H; Russell, A; Zinder, Y
2016-07-25Bi-criteria sequencing of courses and formation of classes for a bottleneck classroomCzibula, OG; Gu, H; Hwang, FJ; Kovalyov, MY; Zinder, Y
2016-07-01Improving problem reduction for 0-1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problems with valid inequalitiesGu, H
2016-01-01A lagrangian relaxation-based heuristic to solve large extended graph partitioning problemsCzibula, OG; Gu, H; Zinder, Y
2016-01-01Timetabling of Workplace Training: A Combination of Mathematical Programming and Simulated AnnealingCzibula, O; Gu, H; Zinder, Y; Burke, EK; Gaspero, LD; Ozcan, E; McCollum, B; Schaerf, A
2016-01-01Scheduling personnel retraining: Column generation heuristicsCzibula, OG; Gu, H; Zinder, Y
2015-01-01Exact and heuristic methods for the resource-constrained net present value problemGu, H; Schutt, A; Stuckey, PJ; Wallace, MG; Chu, G
2014-01-01A Multi-Stage IP-Based Heuristic for Class Timetabling and Trainer RosteringCzibula, O; Gu, H; Russell, A; Zinder, Y; Ozcan, E; Burke, E; McCollum, B
2013-12-01A lagrangian relaxation based forward-backward improvement heuristic for maximising the net present value of resource-constrained projectsGu, H; Schutt, A; Stuckey, PJ
2012-11-07Maximising the net present value of large resource-constrained projectsGu, H; Stuckey, PJ; Wallace, MG