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2021-12-01Fertiliser recovery from source-separated urine via membrane bioreactor and heat localized solar evaporation.Ren, J; Hao, D; Jiang, J; Phuntsho, S; Freguia, S; Ni, B-J; Dai, P; Guan, J; Shon, HK
2021-08-01Model Checking Quantum Continuous-Time Markov ChainsXu, M; Mei, J; Guan, J; Yu, N
2021-05Ultraefficiently Calming Cytokine Storm Using Ti3 C2 Tx MXene.Wang, T; Sun, X; Guo, X; Zhang, J; Yang, J; Tao, S; Guan, J; Zhou, L; Han, J; Wang, C; Yao, H; Wang, G
2021-01-01Robustness Verification of Quantum ClassifiersGuan, J; Fang, W; Ying, M; Silva, A; Leino, KRM
2021-01-01An HHL-based algorithm for computing hitting probabilities of quantum walksGuan, J; Wang, Q; Ying, M
2021An HHL-based algorithm for computing hitting probabilities of quantum walksGuan, J; Wang, Q; Ying, M
2020-01-01From independent sets and vertex colorings to isotropic spaces and isotropic decompositions: Another bridge between graphs and alternating matrix spacesBei, X; Chen, S; Guan, J; Qiao, Y; Sun, X
2019-05-01Adaptive structure discovery for multimedia analysis using multiple featuresZhan, K; Chang, X; Guan, J; Chen, L; Ma, Z; Yang, Y
2019Model Checking Applied to Quantum Physics.Guan, J; Feng, Y; Turrini, A; Ying, M
2018-12-20Structure–Activity Relationships of Antiplasmodial Pantothenamide Analogues Reveal a New Way by Which Triazoles Mimic Amide BondsGuan, J; Tjhin, ET; Howieson, VM; Kittikool, T; Spry, C; Saliba, KJ; Auclair, K
2018-10-01Graph learning for multiview clusteringZhan, K; Zhang, C; Guan, J; Wang, J
2018-08-01Decomposition of quantum Markov chains and its applicationsGuan, J; Feng, Y; Ying, M
2018-07-18DP-LTOD: Differential Privacy Latent Trajectory Community Discovering Services over Location-Based Social NetworksXu, C; Zhu, L; Liu, Y; Guan, J; Yu, S
2018-01-22Efficient quantum repeater with respect to both entanglement-concentration rate and complexity of local operations and classical communicationSu, Z; Guan, J; Li, L
2018-01-01QLiu, S; Wang, X; Zhou, L; Guan, J; Li, Y; He, Y; Duan, R; Ying, M
2017-02-01Construction of a non-enzymatic sensor based on the poly(o-phenylenediamine)/Ag-NPs composites for detecting glucose in bloodWang, J; Wang, M; Guan, J; Wang, C; Wang, G
2014-07-21Determination of proline, hydroxyproline, and N-ethylglycine in urine by using a new HPLC labeling reagent, and its application in detection of tumor markersGuan, J; Zhang, Y; Zhou, G; Wang, C; Qu, Q; Hu, X; Wang, G