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2021-01-01How to innovate toward an ambidextrous business model? The role of dynamic capabilities and market orientationRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
2019-06-01The role of ostensive and performative routine aspects in dynamic capability deployment at different organizational levelsBiesenthal, C; Gudergan, S; Ambrosini, V
2019-06-01Interactive profit-planning systems and market turbulence: A dynamic capabilities perspectivePeters, MD; Gudergan, S; Booth, P
2018-09-01Open Service Innovation: The Role of Intermediary CapabilitiesRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
2018-08-10Open Service Innovation: Capability Portfolio of Online IntermediariesRandhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
2018-06-14How do Intermediaries Enable Open Service Innovation?Randhawa, K; Wilden, R; Gudergan, S
2014-11-01Governing projects under complexity: Theory and practice in project managementPitsis, TS; Sankaran, S; Gudergan, S; Clegg, SR
2014-01-01Deconstructing dynamic capabilities: The role of cognitive and organizational routines in the innovation processGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Gudergan, S; Sankaran, S
2014-01The Differential Roles Of Multilevel Change Capabilities In Project-Based OrganizationsBiesenthal, CE; Gudergan, S; Ambrosini, V
2013-09-01An introduction to the application of (case 1) best-worst scaling in marketing researchLouviere, J; Lings, I; Islam, T; Gudergan, S; Flynn, T
2013-01Dynamic capabilities and performance: strategy, structure and environmentWilden, RM; Gudergan, S; Nielsen, BB; Lings, IN
2012-01Exploration And Exploitation Fit And Performance In International Strategic AlliancesNielsen, BB; Gudergan, S
2012-01Strategic Implications for (Non-Equity) Alliance PerformanceGudergan, S; Devinney, TM; Richter, NF; Ellis, S
2012-01The interrelationship of governance, trust and ethics in temporary organizationsMuller, R; Andersen, E; Kvalnes, O; Shao, J; Sankaran, S; Turner, R; Biesenthal, CE; Walker, D; Gudergan, S; Messikomer, C
2012Tools of change: Exploring the Duality of Dynamic Capabilities in Project-based OrganisationsBiesenthal, CE; Vignehsa, K; Sankaran, S; Pitsis, T; Gudergan, S; Clegg, S
2012Double Moral Hazard in Projects – A Governance Perspective?Vignehsa, K; Biesenthal, CE; Clegg, S; Gudergan, S; Pitsis, T; Sankaran, S
2011-01Contractual complexity, governance and organisational form in alliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan, S
2011-01The role of fairness in modelling customer choiceMathies, C; Gudergan, S
2010-01-01Leadership behaviours as ongoing negotiations and their effects on knowledge and innovation capabilities in alliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan, S
2010-01Service employee behaviour: The role of compliance and risk takingGudergan, S; Lings, IN