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2021-02-01Economic policy uncertainty (EPU) and firm carbon emissions: Evidence using a China provincial EPU indexYu, J; Shi, X; Guo, D; Yang, L
2019-12-01Molecular cavity topological representation for pattern analysis: A NLP analogy-based word2vec methodGuo, D; Wang, Q; Liang, M; Liu, W; Nie, J
2019-10-11Multi-Task Learning for Conversational Question Answering over a Large-Scale Knowledge BaseShen, T; Geng, X; Qin, T; Guo, D; Tang, D; Duan, N; Long, G; Jiang, D
2019-06-15RAB27A promotes melanoma cell invasion and metastasis via regulation of pro-invasive exosomesGuo, D; Lui, GYL; Lai, SL; Wilmott, JS; Tikoo, S; Jackett, LA; Quek, C; Brown, DL; Sharp, DM; Kwan, RYQ; Chacon, D; Wong, JH; Beck, D; van Geldermalsen, M; Holst, J; Thompson, JF; Mann, GJ; Scolyer, RA; Stow, JL; Weninger, W; Haass, NK; Beaumont, KA
2018-01-01Siamese network based features fusion for adaptive visual trackingGuo, D; Zhao, W; Cui, Y; Wang, Z; Chen, S; Zhang, J
2017-07-25Taming the big to small: efficient selfish task allocation in mobile crowdsourcing systemsLi, Q; Yang, P; Fan, X; Tang, S; Xiang, C; Guo, D; Li, F
2017-05-24User relationship strength modeling for friend recommendation on InstagramGuo, D; Xu, J; Zhang, J; Xu, M; Cui, Y; He, X
2015-01-12A multiple features distance preserving (MFDP) model for saliency detectionGuo, D; Zhang, J; Xu, M; He, X; Li, M; Zhao, C
2015-01-01Robust facial landmark localization using classified random ferns and pose-based initializationCui, Y; Zhang, J; Guo, D; Jin, Z
2014-01-01Multiple kernel learning based multi-view spectral clusteringGuo, D; Zhang, J; Liu, X; Cui, Y; Zhao, C