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2022-12-12Deep transfer learning enables lesion tracing of circulating tumor cells.Guo, X; Lin, F; Yi, C; Song, J; Sun, D; Lin, L; Zhong, Z; Wu, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Li, J; Zhang, H; Liu, F; Yang, C; Song, J
2022-12Temporal Network Embedding for Link Prediction via VAE Joint Attention Mechanism.Jiao, P; Guo, X; Jing, X; He, D; Wu, H; Pan, S; Gong, M; Wang, W
2022-11-01Optimal scheduling of a hybrid AC/DC multi-energy microgrid considering uncertainties and Stackelberg game-based integrated demand responseCai, Y; Lu, Z; Pan, Y; He, L; Guo, X; Zhang, J
2022-10-07A green and sustainable strategy toward lithium resources recycling from spent batteries.Xu, J; Jin, Y; Liu, K; Lyu, N; Zhang, Z; Sun, B; Jin, Q; Lu, H; Tian, H; Guo, X; Shanmukaraj, D; Wu, H; Li, M; Armand, M; Wang, G
2022-10-01Overview of Recent Advanced Topologies for Transformerless Dual-Grounded InvertersGuo, X; Zhang, H; Tang, W; Lu, Z; Hua, C; Siwakoti, YP; Malinowski, M; Blaabjerg, F
2022-10Extended analysis on the global Mittag-Leffler synchronization problem for fractional-order octonion-valued BAM neural networks.Xiao, J; Guo, X; Li, Y; Wen, S; Shi, K; Tang, Y
2022-10A distributed and integrated control strategy for an islanded microgrid considering line loss and communication interruption.Yuan, D; Lu, Z; Zhang, J; Guo, X; Geng, L
2022-08-01Synergy of MXene with Se Infiltrated Porous N-Doped Carbon Nanofibers as Janus Electrodes for High-Performance Sodium/Lithium–Selenium BatteriesLi, J; Song, J; Luo, L; Zhang, H; Feng, J; Zhao, X; Guo, X; Dong, H; Chen, S; Liu, H; Shao, G; Anthopoulos, TD; Su, Y; Wang, F; Wang, G
2022-07Catalytic Mechanism of Oxygen Vacancies in Perovskite Oxides for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.Hou, W; Feng, P; Guo, X; Wang, Z; Bai, Z; Bai, Y; Wang, G; Sun, K
2022-06-01Low-carbon optimal planning of an integrated energy station considering combined power-to-gas and gas-fired units equipped with carbon capture systemsDong, W; Lu, Z; He, L; Geng, L; Guo, X; Zhang, J
2022-02-09MXene-Based Aerogel Anchored with Antimony Single Atoms and Quantum Dots for High-Performance Potassium-Ion Batteries.Guo, X; Gao, H; Wang, S; Yang, G; Zhang, X; Zhang, J; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-01-21A long-life lithium-oxygen battery via a molecular quenching/mediating mechanism.Zhang, J; Zhao, Y; Sun, B; Xie, Y; Tkacheva, A; Qiu, F; He, P; Zhou, H; Yan, K; Guo, X; Wang, S; McDonagh, AM; Peng, Z; Lu, J; Wang, G
2022-01-17Positive-unlabeled learning in bioinformatics and computational biology: a brief review.Li, F; Dong, S; Leier, A; Han, M; Guo, X; Xu, J; Wang, X; Pan, S; Jia, C; Zhang, Y; Webb, GI; Coin, LJM; Li, C; Song, J
2022-01-01Fine-Grained Defense Methods in Encrypted Traffic InspectionGuo, X; Ma, B; Zeng, Y; Liu, Z; Ma, J
2022-01-01Recent advances in “water in salt” electrolytes for aqueous rechargeable monovalent-ion (Li+, Na+, K+) batteriesGao, H; Tang, K; Xiao, J; Guo, X; Chen, W; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-01-01An improved multi-objective bacterial colony chemotaxis algorithm based on Pareto dominanceLu, Z; Qi, S; Zhang, J; Cai, Y; Guo, X; Luo, S
2021-12-06Achieving High-Performance 3D K+ -Pre-intercalated Ti3 C2 Tx MXene for Potassium-Ion Hybrid Capacitors via Regulating Electrolyte Solvation Structure.Zhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Song, F; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Zhang, N; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2021-12-01A Dual-Protective Artificial Interface for Stable Lithium Metal AnodesFan, L; Sun, B; Yan, K; Xiong, P; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Zhang, N; Feng, Y; Sun, K; Wang, G
2021-11-20Dense SnS2 nanoplates vertically anchored on a graphene aerogel for pseudocapacitive sodium storageGuo, X; Wang, S; Yu, L; Guo, C; Yan, P; Gao, H; Liu, H
2021-09-29Achieving High‐Performance 3D K+‐Pre‐intercalated Ti3C2Tx MXene for Potassium‐Ion Hybrid Capacitors via Regulating Electrolyte Solvation StructureZhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Song, F; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Zhang, N; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G