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2021-04-27Cross-Band Interaction Mitigation in Dual-Band Antenna Arrays for 4G/5G and BeyondXiong, Y; Ding, C; Cheng, Z; Guo, YJ
2021-04-27A Review on Conformal TransmitarraysSong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-02A High-Efficiency Conformal Transmitarray Antenna Employing Dual-Layer Ultrathin Huygens ElementSong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-01-26IDE: Image Dehazing and Exposure Using an Enhanced Atmospheric Scattering Model.Ju, M; Ding, C; Ren, W; Yang, Y; Zhang, D; Guo, YJ
2021-01-08Joint communication and radar sensing in 5G mobile network by compressive sensingRahman, ML; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Lu, Z
2021-01-01Efficient Synthesis of Filter-and-Sum Array With Scanned Wideband Frequency-Invariant Beam Pattern and Space-Frequency NotchingChen, L; Liu, Y; Yang, S; Guo, YJ
2021-01-01An Epsilon-Near-Zero (ENZ) Based, Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Terahertz Single-Polarization Single-Mode Photonic Crystal FiberYang, T; Ding, C; Ziolkowski, RW; Guo, YJ
2021-01-01Gaussian-Mixture-Model Based Clutter Suppression in Perceptive Mobile NetworksRahman, ML; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Lu, Z
2021-01-01Towards 6G wireless communication networks: vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shiftsYou, X; Wang, CX; Huang, J; Gao, X; Zhang, Z; Wang, M; Huang, Y; Zhang, C; Jiang, Y; Wang, J; Zhu, M; Sheng, B; Wang, D; Pan, Z; Zhu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Zhang, P; Tao, X; Li, S; Chen, Z; Ma, X; Chih-Lin, I; Han, S; Li, K; Pan, C; Zheng, Z; Hanzo, L; Shen, XS; Guo, YJ; Ding, Z; Haas, H; Tong, W; Zhu, P; Yang, G; Wang, J; Larsson, EG; Ngo, HQ; Hong, W; Wang, H; Hou, D; Chen, J; Chen, Z; Hao, Z; Li, GY; Tafazolli, R; Gao, Y; Poor, HV; Fettweis, GP; Liang, YC
2021A Highly Efficient Spherical Luneburg Lens for Low Microwave Frequencies Realized with a Metal-based Artificial MediumAnsari, M; Jones, B; Zhu, H; Shariati, N; Guo, YJ
2021A Wideband High-Gain Multi-Linear Polarization Reconfigurable AntennaChen, D; Liu, Y; Chen, SL; Qin, PY; Guo, YJ
2021A Method for Bandwidth Enhancement of Cross-Dipole Antennas with Compact ConfigurationsSun, HH; Ding, C; Zhu, H; Guo, YJ
2020-12-08Single-Feed, Highly-Directive, Higher-Order-Mode Cavity Antenna and Its Beam Tilting RealizationChen, SL; Ziolkowski, RW; Guo, YJ; Liu, Y
2020-12-01VROHI: Visibility Recovery for Outdoor Hazy Image in Scattering MediaJu, M; Ding, C; Guo, YJ
2020-11-01Enabling Attribute Revocation for Fine-Grained Access Control in Blockchain-IoT SystemsYu, G; Zha, X; Wang, X; Ni, W; Yu, K; Yu, P; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP; Guo, YJ
2020-11-01Synthesizing Beam-Scannable Thinned Massive Antenna Array Utilizing Modified Iterative FFT for Millimeter-Wave CommunicationLiu, Y; Zheng, J; Li, M; Luo, Q; Rui, Y; Guo, YJ
2020-11Uniplanar Beam-Forming Network Employing Eight-Port Hybrid Couplers and Crossovers for 2-D Multibeam Array AntennasLian, J-W; Ban, Y-L; Zhu, H; Guo, YJ
2020-11Adaptive Transmission Based on MMSE Equalization over Fast Fading ChannelsZhang, H; Huang, X; Zhang, JA; Guo, YJ
2020-10-01Scattering Suppression in a 4G and 5G Base Station Antenna Array Using Spiral ChokesSun, HH; Zhu, H; Ding, C; Jones, B; Guo, YJ