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2022-09-12A Two-Stage Analog Self-Interference Cancellation Structure for High Transmit Power In-Band Full-Duplex RadiosLe, AT; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2022-09-01Wideband Beam-Forming Networks Utilizing Planar Hybrid Couplers and Phase ShiftersZhu, H; Ansari, M; Guo, YJ
2022-06-01Integrating Low-Complexity and Flexible Sensing Into Communication SystemsWu, K; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2022-03-21Analog-Domain Suppression of Strong Interference Using Hybrid Antenna Array.Wu, K; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Nguyen, DN; Kekirigoda, A; Hui, K-P
2022-02-18Joint Communications and Sensing Employing Multi- or Single-Carrier OFDM Communication Signals: A Tutorial on Sensing Methods, Recent Progress and a Novel DesignWu, K; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2022-01-03Millimetre-Wave Multi-Beam Shaped Transmitarray with A Wide Beam CoverageQin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2022-01-01Integrating Secure Communications into Frequency Hopping MIMO Radar with Improved Data RateWu, K; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2022-01-01An Universal Circular Synthetic Aperture RadarNan, Y; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2022On the Impacts of I/Q Imbalance in Analog Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter for Self-Interference Cancellation in Full-Duplex RadiosLe, AT; Huang, X; Tran, LC; Guo, YJ
2021-12-10A Wideband Low-Profile Fabry-Perot Antenna Employing a Multi-Resonant Metasurface Based SuperstrateBah, AO; Guo, YJ; Qin, P-Y; Bird, TS
2021-11-261-Bit Reconfigurable Huygens Element for Beam-Steering TransmitarraysWang, X; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-11-17Terahertz Communication Demonstration by using a High-Tc Superconducting Josephson Receiver Integrated with a Miniature CryocoolerGao, X; Du, J; Zhang, T; Zhang, H; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2021-11-13Element-Rotated Linear, Planar, and Conformal Arrays Radiating Shaped PatternsLi, M; Liu, Y; Chen, S-L; Hu, J; Guo, YJ
2021-11-01Wideband Dual-Layer Huygens' Metasurface for High-Gain Multibeam Array AntennasLian, JW; Ban, YL; Guo, YJ
2021-11-01Special issue on low-cost wide-angle beam-scanning antennasGao, S; Guo, YJ; Safavi-Naeini, SAN; Hong, W; Yang, X
2021-10-22Spiral Choking Method for Scattering Suppression in 4G and 5G Base Station Antenna ArraysSun, H-H; Zhu, H; Ding, C; Jones, B; Guo, YJ
2021-10-05Advanced Antenna Array Engineering for 6G and Beyond Wireless CommunicationsGuo, YJ; Ziolkowski, RW
2021-10-01ALMS Loop Analyses with Higher-Order Statistics and Strategies for Joint Analog and Digital Self-Interference CancellationHuang, X; Tuyen Le, A; Guo, YJ
2021-09-01Analog Self-Interference Cancellation in Dual-Polarization Full-Duplex MIMO SystemsLe, AT; Huang, X; Guo, YJ
2021-09-01Efficient Synthesis of Linearly Polarized Shaped Patterns Using Iterative FFT via Vectorial Least-Square Active Element Pattern ExpansionBai, J; Liu, Y; Ren, Y; Nie, Z; Guo, YJ