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2024-01-29An End-to-End Mandarin Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Model with a Feature Enhancement ModuleWang, J; Yang, C; Guo, Z; Li, X; Wang, W
2024-01-01Robust model predictive control for continuous nonlinear systems with the quasi-infinite adaptive horizon algorithmZhang, C; Wang, S; Cao, Y; Zhu, S; Guo, Z; Wen, S
2023-12-05A Distributed k -Winners-Take-All Model With Binary Consensus Protocols.Wang, X; Yang, S; Guo, Z; Ge, Q; Wen, S; Huang, T
2023-12-01Adaptive PI control for H<inf>∞</inf> synchronization of multiple delayed coupled neural networksCao, Y; Zhao, L; Zhong, Q; Zhu, S; Guo, Z; Wen, S
2023-10-15Synchronous vivianite and hydrogen recovery from waste activated sludge fermentation liquid via electro-fermentation mediated by iron anodeLiu, Z; Yin, X; Ni, B; Chen, X; Xie, F; Guo, Z; Li, D; Liu, W; Yue, X; Zhou, A
2023-10-09Bone disease imaging through the near-infrared-II window.Mi, C; Zhang, X; Yang, C; Wu, J; Chen, X; Ma, C; Wu, S; Yang, Z; Qiao, P; Liu, Y; Wu, W; Guo, Z; Liao, J; Zhou, J; Guan, M; Liang, C; Liu, C; Jin, D
2023-09-28Multistability of switched complex-valued neural networks with state-dependent switching rulesOu, S; Guo, Z; Ci, J; Gong, S; Wen, S
2023-09Synchronization of coupled switched neural networks subject to hybrid stochastic disturbances.Long, H; Ci, J; Guo, Z; Wen, S; Huang, T
2023-08-01A Survey on Data-Driven Runoff Forecasting Models Based on Neural NetworksSheng, Z; Wen, S; Feng, ZK; Gong, J; Shi, K; Guo, Z; Yang, Y; Huang, T
2023-07-01Manganese ore enhanced polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons removal in constructed wetlands: Insights into the key removal mechanism and main driving factorLu, J; Guo, Z; Li, M; He, M; Zhen, J; Ni, BJ; Zhang, J
2023-04-01A novel aerobic denitrifying phosphate-accumulating bacterium efficiently removes phthalic acid ester, total nitrogen and phosphate from municipal wastewaterRen, L; Guo, Z; Zhang, L; Hu, H; Li, C; Lin, Z; Zhen, Z; Zhou, JL
2023-03Simulating dynamic interaction between diazepam and ethanol targeting the GABAA receptor via in silico model.Wang, L; Wang, R; Zheng, Q; Yao, X; Zhang, C; Fu, S; Wei, Z; Yun, K; Guo, Z
2023-03Field-dependent deep learning enables high-throughput whole-cell 3D super-resolution imaging.Fu, S; Shi, W; Luo, T; He, Y; Zhou, L; Yang, J; Yang, Z; Liu, J; Liu, X; Guo, Z; Yang, C; Liu, C; Huang, Z-L; Ries, J; Zhang, M; Xi, P; Jin, D; Li, Y
2023-02-07Pixel-Level Classification of Five Histologic Patterns of Lung Adenocarcinoma.Shao, D; Su, F; Zou, X; Lu, J; Wu, S; Tian, R; Ran, D; Guo, Z; Jin, D
2023-01-15Fabrication of wide-spectra-responsive NA/NH<inf>2</inf>-MIL-125(Ti) with boosted activity for Cr(VI) reduction and antibacterial effectsFu, Y; Tan, M; Guo, Z; Hao, D; Xu, Y; Du, H; Zhang, C; Guo, J; Li, Q; Wang, Q
2023-01-01Distributed Adaptive Algorithm for Resource Allocation Problem Over Weight-Unbalanced GraphsLian, M; Guo, Z; Wen, S; Huang, T
2023-01-01Synchronization Control for T-S Fuzzy Neural Networks With Time Delay: A Novel Event-Triggered MechanismGong, S; Guo, Z; Ou, S; Wen, S; Huang, T
2023-01-01Multi-Scale Hybrid Fusion Network for Mandarin Audio-Visual Speech RecognitionWang, J; Guo, Z; Yang, C; Li, X; Cui, Z
2023-01-01Local self-attention in transformer for visual question answeringShen, X; Han, D; Guo, Z; Chen, C; Hua, J; Luo, G
2023-01-01Deep learning enhanced NIR-II volumetric imaging of whole mice vasculatureWu, S; Yang, Z; Ma, C; Zhang, X; Mi, C; Zhou, J; Guo, Z; Jin, D