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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018A quadratic constraint approach to model predictive control of interconnected systemsAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2-Oct-2017Management of solar energy in microgrids using IoT-based dependable controlPhung, MD; De La Villefromoy, M; Ha, Q
8-May-2017Frequency Shaped Sliding Mode Control of Magnetorheological Smart Structure SystemsRoyel, SA; Ha, Q
4-Mar-2017On exponential stability of linear non-autonomous functional differential equations of neutral typeNgoc, PHA; Ha, Q
1-Dec-2016Magnetorheological elastomer base isolator for earthquake response mitigation on building structures: modeling and second-order sliding mode controlYu, Y; Royel, S; Li, J; Li, Y; Ha, Q
1-May-2016Inverse Air-Pollutant Emission and Prediction Using Extended Fractional Kalman FilteringMetia, S; Oduro, SD; Duc, HN; Ha, Q
Feb-2016Hysteresis Modeling of Smart Structure MR Devices using Describing FunctionsHa, Q; Sayed, R; Li, J; Li, Y
1-Nov-2015Editorial: ISARC 2014Ha, Q; Wang, X; Bock, T; Balaguer, C
29-Jul-2015Color image enhancement using correlated intensity and saturation adjustmentsKwok, N; Shi, H; Fang, G; Ha, Q; Yu, YH; Wu, T; Li, H; Nguyen, T
11-Jul-2014The Case for BIM Uptake among Small Construction Contracting BusinessesForsythe, PJ; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezhad, A
7-Jul-2014Is There Really a Case for Off-Site Manufacturing?Orr, K; Forsythe, P; Duc, E; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezhad, A
7-Jul-2014Implications of legal frameworks on construction and demolition waste recycling - a comparative study of the German and Australian systemsWonschik, C-R; Brennan, J; Ding, G; Heilmann, A; Vessalas, K; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezhad, A
7-Jul-2014A closed-loop system of Construction and Demolition Waste RecyclingBrennan, J; Ding, G; Wonschik, C-R; Vessalas, K; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezhad, A
Jan-2014Offshore Container Crane Systems with Robust Optimal Sliding Mode ControlRaja Ismail, RM; Nguyen Dinh, T; Ha, QP; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezad, A
Jan-2014Prediction of NOX Vehicular Emissions using On-Board Measurement and Chassis Dynamometer TestingOduro, SD; Metia, S; Duc, H; Hong, G; Ha, QP; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezad, A
Jan-2014Future Intelligent Civil Structures: Challenges and OpportunitiesLi, J; Li, Y; Askari, M; Ha, QP; Ha, Q
Jan-2014A New Hysteretic Model for Magnetorheological Elastomer Base Isolator and Parameter Identification Using Modified Artificial Fish Swarm AlgorithmYu, Y; Li, Y; Li, J; Ha, Q
Jan-2014Energy-Efficient Air-Cooled Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems with Liquid Pressure AmplificationVakiloroaya, V; Ha, QP; Ha, Q; Shen, X; Akbarnezad, A
2009Stability and stabilisation of switched linear systems with time delay and uncertaintiesHien, L; Phat, V; Ha, Q
2009H-infinity and Exponential Stability of Nonlinear Nonautonomous Systems with Time-Varying DelayPhat, V; Ha, Q