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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-09UAV Target Tracking using Nonlinear Model Predictive ControlHerrera, IT; Nguyen, LV; Le, T; Aguilera, RP; Ha, Q
2022-01-01A Bidirectional Self-Rectifying Network with Bayesian Modelling for Vision-Based Crack DetectionZhu, Q; Ha, Q
2021-12-05Bidirectional Self-Rectifying Networks with Bayesian Modelling for Feature Detection and Keypoint AllocationZhu, Q; Ha, Q
2020-07Defect detection based on singular value decomposition and histogram thresholdingTran, XT; Dinh, TH; Le, HV; Zhu, Q; Ha, Q
2019-12-01IoT-enabled dependable control for solar energy harvesting in smart buildingsHa, Q; Phung, MD
2019-11-01Observer-Based Nonlinear Robust Control of Floating Container Cranes Subject to Output HysteresisTuan, LA; Ha, Q; Van Trieu, P
2019Crack Detection Using Enhanced Hierarchical Convolutional Neural NetworksZhu, Q; Phung, M; Ha, Q
2018-10-15Low-energy structures embedded with smart dampersHa, Q; Royel, S; Balaguer, C
2018-02-07Strong stability based robust sliding mode controlArgha, A; Li, L; Ha, Q; Su, SW; Nguyen, H
2018-01-01Quadratic Constraint with Data LossesAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2018-01-01Quadratic Constraint for Decentralised Model Predictive ControlAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2018-01-01Accumulative Quadratic ConstraintAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2018-01-01PrefaceAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2018-01-01IntroductionAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2018-01-01Roboteye technology for thermal target tracking using predictive controlSingh, AM; Ha, Q; Wood, DK; Bishop, M; Nguyen, Q; Wong, A
2018-01-01A quadratic constraint approach to model predictive control of interconnected systemsAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2017-10-02Management of solar energy in microgrids using IoT-based dependable controlPhung, MD; De La Villefromoy, M; Ha, Q
2017-09-01Enhanced discrete particle swarm optimization path planning for UAV vision-based surface inspectionPhung, MD; Quach, CH; Dinh, TH; Ha, Q
2017-05-06Frequency shaped sliding mode control of magnetorheological smart structure systemsRoyel, S; Ha, Q
2017-03-04On exponential stability of linear non-autonomous functional differential equations of neutral typeNgoc, PHA; Ha, Q