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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-2017Automatic Crack Detection in Built Infrastructure Using Unmanned Aerial VehiclesPhung, MD; Dinh, TH; Hoang, VT; Ha, QP
28-Jun-2017Adaptive Second-order Sliding Mode Control of UAVs for Civil ApplicationsHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Singh, AM; Ha, QP
31-Jan-2017Computer vision-based method for concrete crack detectionDinh, TH; Ha, QP; La, HM
31-Jan-2017Automatic interpretation of unordered point cloud data for UAV navigation in constructionPhung, MD; Quach, CH; Chu, DT; Nguyen, NQ; Dinh, TH; Ha, QP
2017Fuzzy sliding mode control of an offshore container craneNgo, QH; Nguyen, NP; Nguyen, CN; Tran, TH; Ha, QP
2017Enhanced Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Path Planning for UAV Vision-based Surface InspectionPhung, MD; Quach, CH; Dinh, TH; Ha, QP
29-Sep-2016Vehicular emissions prediction with CART-BMARS hybridHa, QP; Oduro, SD; Duc, H
1-Jan-2016Visual and 3D mapping for steel bridge inspection using a climbing robotPham, NH; La, HM; Ha, QP; Dang, SN; Vo, AH; Dinh, QH
1-Jan-2016Fast terminal sliding mode control for gantry cranesSingh, AM; Hoang, VT; Ha, QP
2016A Novel Extended Potential Field Controller for Use on Aerial RobotsWoods, AC; La, HM; Ha, QP
Dec-2015Multivariate adaptive regression splines models for vehicular emission predictionOduro, SD; Metia, S; Duc, H; Hong, G; Ha, QP
1-Nov-2015Toward sustainable energy usage in the power generation and construction sectors - a case study of AustraliaAzzi, M; Duc, H; Ha, QP
1-Nov-2015Modelling and robust trajectory following for offshore container crane systemsRaja Ismail, RMT; That, ND; Ha, QP
Nov-2015Dependable control systems with Internet of Things.Tran, T; Ha, QP
13-Oct-2015Active Control of an Offshore CraneNguyen, NP; Ngo, QH; Ha, QP; Hong, K-S
24-Aug-2015FPGA-Based Sensorless PMSM Speed Control using Adaptive Extended Kalman FilterNguyen, QK; Tung, DD; Ha, QP
3-Jun-2015Further results on exponential stability of linear discrete-time systems with time-varying delayThat, ND; Cuong, P; Ha, QP
30-May-2015Predictive Models for the Geometrical Characteristics of Channels Milled by Abrasive WaterjetNguyen, T; Wang, J; Kwok, NM; Li, H; Ha, QP
1-Jan-2015Predicting carbon monoxide emissions with multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) and artificial neural networks (ANNs)Oduro, SD; Metia, S; Duc, H; Ha, QP
1-Jan-2015Discrete-time sliding mode control with state bounding for linear systems with time-varying delay and unmatched disturbancesThat, ND; Ha, QP