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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-18James (J.C.) Walker: Philosopher of Education – The celebration of a lifePeters, MA; Hager, P
2018-04-27A Complexity Thinking Take on Thinking in the UniversityBeckett, D; Hager, P
2018Refereed book review of The Philosophy of Physical Education by Steven StolzHager, P
2017-01-01The integrated view on competenceHager, P
2014-09-02Problematising practice, Learning and change: Practice-theory perspectives on professional learningReich, A; Hager, P
2014-02-01What matters most? students' rankings of simulation components that contribute to clinical judgmentKelly, MA; Hager, P; Gallagher, R
2014-01-01Practice and Group LearningHager, P
2013-01-01Not Just Another Brick in the Wall: Response by Paul HagerHager, P
2012-03-01Re-thinking continuing professional development through changing metaphors and location in professional practicesBoud, D; Hager, P
2012-01-01Towards a new paradigm of vocational learningHager, P
2012-01-01Problematising Practice, Reconceptualising Learning and Imagining ChangeHager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
2012-01Collective learning practiceHager, P; Johnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
2012-01Theories of Practice and Their Connections with Learning: A Continuum of More and Less Inclusive AccountsHager, P; Hager, P; Reich, A; Lee, A
2012-01Sensing the tempo-rhythm of practice: The dynamics of engagementJohnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
2011-12-01Assessment of osteopaths: Developing a capability-based approach to reviewing readiness to practiceStone, C; Boud, D; Hager, P
2011-08-01Refurbishing macintyre's account of practiceHager, P
2011-01-01Theories of workplace learningHager, P
2011-01Becoming As an Appropriate Metaphor for Understanding Professional LearningHager, P; Hodkinson, P; Scanlon, L
2010-01Learning-practice: The ghosts in the education machineCole, DR; Hager, P; Devine, N
2009-01-01Moving beyond the metaphor of transfer of learningHager, P; Hodkinson, P